Mixed Signal & Analogue

While digital electronics tends to get more than its fair share of coverage, analogue electronics remains the technology that makes things happen. It’s the interface between the real world and the 1s and 0s of the digital domain.

The range of technologies falling into the analogue domain is wide; everything from data conversion to amplification to switches. Like electronics in general, analogue products are getting more complex as device developers look to integrate more functionality. Recognising this, manufacturers have started to develop more capable design tools to support engineers.

Because analogue design is so important, New Electronics covers all aspects of the technology regularly.

Low power d/a converters prolong battery life

The MAX5214 and MAX5216 digital to analogue converters from Maxim Integrated Products are said to incorporate 'best in class' accuracy, a small package size and a low current consumption of less than 80µA IQ. The 14 and 16bit devices have been optimised to prolong battery life in portable applications and are said to be highly programmable to add flexibility and efficiency to power usage.

'Industry's smallest' two channel a/d converter from Maxim

Expanding its portfolio of I2C a/d converters, Maxim has announced the availability of the MAX11645, a two channel, 12 bit module with internal reference. The device comes in a 1.9 x 2.2mm wafer level package and has a height of 0.64mm, making it suitable for designs laying components out on both sides of the pcb.

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