Microcontrollers – whether 8, 16 or 32bit – are all around us: at home, at work, in our cars and in industrial systems. Reflecting this abundance, the market for microcontrollers is worth more than $16billion a year and growing strongly.

The market was once dominated by 8bit parts, but the price performance advantage of ARM based 32bit devices, along with the need to accommodate more complex software, is starting a move from 8bit to 32bit mcus. And this is accompanied by the appearance of multicore devices.

In this section, New Electronics brings you the latest on the microcontroller market.

Flash mcus have low power consumption

Renesas Technology Europe has announced the release of the R8C/Mx Series of low pin count mcus with on chip flash memory. According to Renesas, it offers power consumption among the lowest in the industry and improved functions including timers for applications requiring low power consumption.

Module uses Freescale i.MX51 with 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8

Direct Insight has introduced a tiny system on module based on Freescale's i.MX51 device which features an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core with neon Floating Point Unit, PowerVR graphics engine and hardware implemented video codec with up to 720p resolution support.

Low power motherboard

Portwell's sub-compact PEB-2738 motherboard from Review Display Systems has been designed for field applications and uses little power.

MSP430 MCUs with embedded full speed usb

Texas Instruments describes its MSP430F55xx microcontroller family as having 'the world's leading ultra-low power consumption' combined with high performance analogue and other smart integrated peripherals.

16bit micro comes in 48pin qfp

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its 16FX family of 16bit microcontrollers for automotive and industrial applications with the addition of 7 x 7mm 48pin qfp versions.

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