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High temperature NTC thermistor

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new AEC-Q200 qualified NTC thermistor with PEEK-insulated, nickel-iron (NiFe) leads and a low thermal gradient.

Designed to withstand high temperatures up to +185 °C, the BCcomponents NTCLE350E4 delivers fast, high accuracy temperature measurement and sensing in a wide range of automotive applications.

The NiFe alloy used in the NTCLE350E4's conductor wire features the lowest thermal conductivity currently available on the market. As a result, the device offers a thermal gradient of less than 0.01 K/K (or 1 %), dissipating almost no heat to the surrounding environment and allowing for high accuracy temperature measurement. Other conductive materials, such as copper, can deviate by several degrees.

To improve reliability in high humidity conditions, the sensor features high adhesive strength between its PEEK-insulated lead wires and encapsulating epoxy lacquer. A small maximum bead size diameter of 2.4 mm results in a fast response time of 6 s in air.

The NTCLE350E4's capabilities make it suitable for engine coolant, fuel, and manifold air pressure (MAP / TMAP) sensors in combustion engines, in addition to HVAC applications. In electric traction motors, the device can be processed by potting or molding into sensors for the protection of high current connectors. The NTCLE350E4 can also serve in oil temperature sensors (OTS) in transmission systems and liquid-cool starter generator systems, in addition to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) applications.

The RoHS-compliant sensor offers resistance at +25 °C (R25) from 2.1 kΩ to 30 kΩ, with tolerance down to 1 %, and beta (B25/85) from 3435 K to 3984 K, with tolerance down to ± 0.5 %. The device features maximum power dissipation of 100 mW and improved resistance to noxious gases and acid.

Neil Tyler

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