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Visible light communication now possible in the dark

A Dartmouth project called ‘DarkLight’ is said to have demonstrated for the first time how visible light can be used to transmit data even when the light appears dark or off. DarkLight is claimed to provide a new communication primitive similar to infrared communication but it exploits the LED lights already installed rather than needing additional infrared emitters.

Top five Raspberry Pi 3 project ideas

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is said to deliver up to ten times the processing performance of the original Raspberry Pi and includes connectivity with 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1. The board is claimed to be suitable for IoT-based projects, as well as application in security, home automation and machine vision.

Embedded World in brief

This year’s Embedded World event in Nuremberg saw an increased focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and security as development in this area is becoming more mature and the threats posed by hackers and malware is understood better.

Power amplifier for 5G front-ends

Liam Devlin, CEO of Plextek RFI, presents a video on the design of a 4-channel 28GHz Power Amplifier with in-built phase control for applications in future 5G transmitters. Keysight's ADS simulator is used to develop the design.

What is next generation mobile communication 5G?

Samsung Electronics has announced two industry first milestones in the development of 5G telecommunications networking technology and the fastest ever 5G data transmission rate of 7.5Gb/s, or 940MB per second in a stationary environment.

Guide to engineering ADAS radar

The 4-channel AFE5401-Q1 is designed for the next generation of automotive radar applications where space constraints and increasing radar performance are driving a need for greater bandwidth, high integration and low power.

Flexible Two Chip Wireless Backhaul Solution

As the mandate for capacity continues to skyrocket, networks carrying yottabits of traffic will become a reality in the not too distant future. To achieve this kind of capacity operators have begun deploying small cell wireless base stations, yet the wireless backhaul portion of the solution is well recognized as a challenge due to operators' rigorous demands on efficiency, range and performance.

TI SPS IPC Drives Video Tour Now Available!

The demo showcases a wireless NFC temperature sensor with connectivity gateway leveraging TI analogue, wireless and embedded processing solutions to contribute to Industry 4.0. The sensor is contactless powered through NFC. The connectivity gateway enables access to the sensor for configuration and maintenance through a remote web interface and data storage to the cloud.

RF MEMS switch could enable 'true 4G'

General Electric has created a 3GHz RF MEMS switch that can handle up to 5kW of power. Measuring just 50 x 50µm, the device is expected to enable increased data transfer speeds, enhanced signal quality and the advanced RF designs required of LTE-Advanced devices.

Engineer it: Managing envelope tracking for 3G, 4G LTE

LTE signals, available in more than 20 distinct bands across the world from various carriers, provide high-speed data transmission that need a high peak-to-average ratio (PAR), and generate higher transmit power, which reduces the efficiency of RF power amplifiers and creates extra heat.

6LoWPAN IP-based wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things

This video gives a quick introduction to TI's sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions. The 6LoWPAN technology provides IP-based wireless connectivity for large-scale networks by providing gateways for remote, low-cost wireless sensors to connect to the internet, and the wireless extension of wired IPv6 infrastructures.

NFCLink software solution

Streamlining NFC development across TI's entire embedded processing portfolio, the NFCLink software firmware library enables developers to quickly and easy create NFC applications for the TRF79xx NFC transceiver family on TI's MSP430 microcontrollers, Tiva C Series ARM mcus and OMAP processors.

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