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The NanoBoard 3000

The NanoBoard 3000 is not your average fpga based development board. For a start, you don't need any fpga design experience to use it. Its sophisticated on board controller works intimately with the supplied Altium Designer software to let you easily and graphically construct fpga based embedded systems. This video looks at the fpga development system for designing, prototyping and deploying the next generation of smart, connected electronic products.

Curtiss-Wright Controls CHAMP-FX2 video tour

This Video Product Tour provides an overview of the Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing CHAMP-FX2 FPGA Application Accelerator, a 6U VPX computing platform that features dual Xilinx® Virtex®-5 Platform FPGAs and a dual-core Freescale Power Architecture™ MPC8641D processor.

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