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Solid state battery targets IIoT applications

Battery pioneer Ilika Technologies has launched what it says is the first solid state device designed for use in hostile environments. The P180, the second member of the Stereax family, is suitable for applications which operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to 150°C.

Making batteries from waste glass bottles

Nanosilicon anodes for high performance lithium-ion batteries have been created by researchers at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering, using waste glass bottles and a low cost chemical process.

Li-ion thermal runaway captured by 3D imaging techniques

A team led by UCL has used 3D imaging techniques to determine what happens inside a lithium-ion battery when it overheats and then explodes. According to the researchers, it is important to understand how Li-ion batteries fail in order to improve their design to make them safer to use and transport. Recently, three airlines announced they will no longer carry bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries after the US Federal Aviation Administration found overheating batteries could cause major fires.

TI DLP LightCrafter Display 3010 evaluation module

The new DLP LightCrafter Display 3010 evaluation module allows developers to quickly assess TI's smallest, brightest and most efficient HD video and data display chipset — the DLP Pico 0.3in TRP 720p chipset, featuring DLP IntelliBright technology for optimal brightness and power efficiency.

Emerging applications using DLP technology - ViALUX

See how the speed, precision and reliability of DLP technology is used for 3D scanning and rapid object digitizing for industrial and medical applications. ViALUX GmbH is an authorized DLP Design House offering 3D scanner solutions and services for integrate.

Emerging applications with DLP technology - VISITECH

See how customers are developing DLP technology into a vast array of applications such as 3D measurement, microscopy, film exposure, rapid prototyping and many more. VISITECH is an authorised DLP Design House offering services and solutions for integrate.

Loop compensation made simple

The easy-to-use synchronous regulators are internally compensated and also easily optimised with the addition of a single component. Akshay reviews both simple and complex compensation with a comparison of current and voltage mode compensation requirements and solders a feed forward capacitor onto the circuit to optimise the design.

Getting started with EnergyTrace technology

Learn about TI's new EnergyTrace technology that offers current monitoring on all MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs). On select devices, such as the MSP430FR59xx and MSP430FR69, this power profiling is taken even further with EnergyTrace++ technology that adds CPU and peripheral state information.

Make the most out of motor control

Motor control can be a difficult thing to master for any designer. Learn how to simplify and speed up motor control development in this session covering new, easy to use InstaSPIN-MOTION for sensored and sensorless FOC torque and speed control.

Texas Instruments: Automotive USB Charging

TI's USB charging demonstration features TI's latest TPS2546 and TPS2511 power interface circuits, which enable universal charging to support smartphones and tablets. These devices are shown being used in end-equipment devices charging from a car charger.

Single Chip Drive

This video features a highly integrated drive solution that supports advanced motor control including position feedback and various fieldbus communication options on a single chip – the upcoming Sitara AM4x processors.

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