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Embedded World in brief

This year’s Embedded World event in Nuremberg saw an increased focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and security as development in this area is becoming more mature and the threats posed by hackers and malware is understood better.

ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 2.0 demo

Prasad Dhond, Marketing Manager, Smart Grid Home Area Network, demonstrates TI's unique solution to run Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 2.0 over multiple phys (ZigBee, Ethernet, Wi-Fi). In this demo, an electricity meter sends its readings over ZigBee SEP 2.0 to a Gateway/Energy Service Interface (ESI).

TI’s CC256x Bluetooth Command Line Interface application

Learn how to get connected with TI's Bluetooth Command Line Interface (CLI) Development Application using TI's CC2564 dual-mode Bluetooth solution. In this demonstration, TI's CC2564 Bluetooth device with QFN package and MSP430 experimenter board are used to communicate over Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

TI’s CC256x Bluetooth keyfob applications

Learn how to use a dual-mode keyfob application using TI's CC2564 Bluetooth solution. This demonstration will show TI's CC2564 dual-mode Bluetooth device with QFN package simultaneously connecting to an iOS device through Bluetooth low energy and an Android device via classic Bluetooth.

TI's new base station SoC doubles LTE performance

As wireless data rates move toward the future with even faster 4G services, the ability to efficiently handle the large number of bits flowing through base stations becomes critically important. Operators are being forced to move to heterogeneous networks that combine macro and small cell solutions to deliver affordable bandwidth. TI's TCI6618, a new multistandard wireless base station system on chip, delivers double the LTE performance over existing 40nm solutions, and is ideally suited to the datacentric performance that operators are demanding today for 4G macro base stations.

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