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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Directives & Standards sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of modern cryptography

In a world where everything is connected to everything else by the internet, the need to keep secrets has never been so strong. Traditionally, the need for strong encryption was limited. Governments and military organisations required it to protect secrets from the enemy and so it remained a specialist subject. The rise of virtualisation has changed all that.

EMC legislation continues to evolve

The flurry of activity and worry that heralded the implementation of the EMC Directive has been followed by 15 years of relative calm, even though the legislation received a significant update about five years ago. Neither have there been the large number of prosecutions anticipated, although one initiated by an enforcement project driven by the Department of Trade and Industry in the early 2000s highlighted a flaw in the legislation.

Designing for extreme temperatures

For decades, electronics design has relied on the temperatures inside a system never getting too far away from room temperature, even when those devices are specified for military applications. In practice, few devices are ever expected to work at -55°C or more than 125°C even; in fact, many fail to function below freezing.

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