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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Power sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

How can concurrent power integrity analysis improve your PCB quality and reduce cost?

The latest approach to power integrity can help reduce the number of board layers and eliminate panic tactics, such as adding additional decoupling capacitors to prevent power distribution issues during the engineering of PCBs. The core concept behind the concurrent analysis approach involves designing the power distribution systems first to guarantee positive power integrity results as early as possible, and then placing other components around them. By doing the analysis concurrently with the board layout, designers can avoid adding extra components and incurring unnecessary manufacturing costs.

Monday 4th March 2013

PPM Power in conjunction with the University of Warwick and Plexim are organising a one day Workshop on Simulation of Power Electronic Systems to be held at the University of Warwick. Introduction and use of PLECS for new and potential users, the chance to understand the workings and through exercises master applications using PLECS software.

Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Step-Down Regulator Can Deliver up to 100A

The LTM4620 from Linear Technology is a complete dual 13A output switching mode DC/DC power supply that includes in the package the switching controller, power FETs, inductors and all supporting components. Operating from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 16V, the LTM4620 supports two outputs each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to 2.5V, set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers up to 13A continuous current for each output and can deliver up to 100A when four devices are current shared. Only a few input and output capacitors are needed. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

Emerson's custom power supplies meet your exact specifications

Using proven platforms as building blocks, Emerson can develop a low risk, turnkey power supply solution to meet your specifications, at a standard price - with initial samples in days. Learn how to get your ideal power supply, avoid long development cycles, and minimize development costs in this white paper.


HiTek Power Ltd has a new 60-page high voltage power supply catalogue providing a complete overview of its products, ranging from 100V to 500kV with output power ratings from 1W to 100kW and beyond, plus details of the company's custom-design capabilities.

Complete DC/DC µModule Regulator Delivers Dual 8A Outputs from up to 26.5VIN

The LTM4628 is a complete dual 8A output switching mode DC/DC power supply that can be easily configured to provide a single 2-phase 16A output. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor, and all supporting components. Operating from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 26.5V, the LTM4628 supports two outputs each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to 5.5V, set by a single external resistor. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

Discover Toshiba’s expanding family of DTMOS Power MOSFETS

The latest generation of Toshiba's innovative family of DTMOS power MOSFETs is now available with a Vdss rating of 600V. The DTMOS IV makes your solutions more efficient, with easily controlled switching speed, achieved by optimising RDS(on) x Qg performance, enabling a more effective application design.

Leading power supplies from TDK-Lambda

Learn about TDK-Lambda's incredibly efficient 2500 Watt server power supply, the HFE2500-48, that has received the stringent 80 PLUS® Platinum level for redundant, server and data centre applications. Also discover the ZWS-B series of PCB type AC-DC long life power supplies, and the high density PoL Converters that comply with the 2nd generation DOSA standards. To find out more and request a free 30 day evaluation of the Z+ programmable DC power supplies.

Latest Intel Xeon ATCA Server Blade

The Emerson ATCA-7370 uses the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family in an AdvancedTCA blade design which optimizes compute and thermal performance. It will also support the next generation communications platform from Intel, codename Crystal Forest, enabling workload consolidation across control and data planes.

New DSP docking station for power electronics for test and development

Typhoon's hardware-in-the-loop solution, delivers a power electronics development and verification system on the bench. The addition of the new DSP docking station makes controller development even easier, dramatically reduces development time and costs, while delivering increased test coverage. The 1uS resolution and latency deliver high fidelity emulation, which enables effective testing and development of power electronics control circuits. The user requires no knowledge of FPGAs or access to 3rd party tools, just draw your schematic, compile and run. Contact PPM for more information.

Highly accurate and safely isolated current voltage sensing using Avago isolation amplifiers

Avago Technologies´ optical isolation amplifier families (ACPL-C79x, ACPL-7970 and ACPL-790x) are designed for current and voltage sensing in electronic power converters in applications including motor drives and renewable energy systems. These products provide outstanding accuracy for higher measurement precision, smaller package footprint than traditional current transducers and digital output for direct FPGA/DSP processing.

New “Power Sink” Option (PSINK)

The market leading Genesys™ Programmable Power Supplies offer a wide variety of useful integrated functions and features, making them an extremely effective and easy to use tool for many applications. Now Genesys™ 1U 750W and 1500W models are available with a "Power Sink" Option (PSINK) that can absorb energy from the load. This option also speeds up the programming response with light loads.

Market leading power supplies from TDK Lambda

Discover the extensive range of power supplies TDK Lambda has to offer including the Z+ series of 2U format benchtop and rack mounted programmable DC power supplies. Very small, flexible and reliable, the Z+ is ideal for ATE and OEM programmable power applications as well as for test bench use. Other products now available include high density PoL Converters that comply with the 2nd generation DOSA standards. Click below to learn more about these products and many more.

Microsemi Announces New Generation of Super-efficient NPT IGBTs

Microsemi Corporation have introduced the first in a series of new generation 1200 volt (V) non-punch through (NPT) IGBTs. The new family of IGBTs leverages Microsemi's leading-edge Power MOS 8™ technology, and offers a dramatic reduction of 20 percent or more in total switching and conduction losses as compared to competitive solutions. The IGBTs are targeted at applications including welding, solar inverters, and uninterruptible and switch mode power supplies.

Reduce surface-arcing and eliminate post-solder coating in high-voltage applications

New ProtectiCap™ MLCC chips significantly reduce surface-arcing in high-voltage applications and eliminate the need for conformal coating after soldering. ProtectiCap's smooth coating delivers a typical 1000V improvement compared to standard MLCC chips, whilst board space is optimised with smaller case sizes, including a 3kV chip in a standard 1206 case. Syfer ProtectiCap™ MLCCs are sampling now from Charcroft.

HFE2500 Series of Front End Power Supplies – Up to 10kW in a 1U rack

TDK Lambda has introduced the HFE2500 Series of highly efficient, compact and reliable 2.5kW 1U hot swap front end power supplies ideal for bulk power and redundant power applications. Other products now available from TDK Lambda include the award winning EFE400M, named the Power System Product of the Year, and the baseplate-cooled CPFE1000F range. For information on these market leading products and many others click here.

High Power NXP600 Resistors

Jan 2012 Pulse Power & Measurement Ltd., Swindon UK with EBG Resistors Austria, has launched a new High Power NXP600 Resistor. High Power, Compact and Configurable, that's what you get from PPM Power with EGB's latest high power resistor NXP600.

Z+ 400W - Programmable DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda UK has introduced the Z+ series of 2U format benchtop and rack mounted programmable DC power supplies. Very small, flexible and reliable, the new Z+ is ideal for ATE and OEM programmable power applications as well as for test bench use. Contact TDK-Lambda UK to arrange your free evaluation trial. Find out more at:

Littelfuse® Transient Voltage Suppressors, at Digi-Key

Littelfuse's family of TVS diode array devices are designed to protect electronics from very fast and often damaging voltage transients, such as lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD). They offer an ideal protection solution for I/O interfaces and digital and analog signal lines.

RS Components upgrades DesignSpark PCB, the free professional standard PCB design software

RS Components has unveiled Version 3 of DesignSpark PCB, its free professional standard PCB design software. New user-requested functionality enables the PCB design software to be used with Spice simulation tools from several major manufacturers and includes enhancements such as component and circuit element grouping, and design calculators, which model circuit performance characteristics.

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