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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Microcontrollers sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.


Industry's Most Accurate and Flexible BMS Building Block • Unique simultaneous sampling delivers 2x better accuracy to meet precise voltage determination requirements with flat discharge battery chemistries • High 16 cell count eliminates 2nd or 3rd AFE delivering a 33% cost saving • Ideal for Battery Management Systems, multi-cell voltage monitoring and industrial energy storage pack applications For more information Download the Datasheet and View the Video

Speed up and de-stress your FPGA integrations

Incorporating FPGAs into PCBs designs can be one of the most challenging areas of PCB design. It is technically complex and involves continuous communication between the FPGA designer and design and PCB/layout designer. Zuken's Graphical Pin Manager (GPM) helps design teams communicate intelligently through its effective FPGA/PCB co-design environment.

Extended Range of IP 66 Plastic Enclosures From OKW

OKW have further extended their popular 'SMART-BOX' range of IP 66 enclosures. These highly attractive enclosures are designed for modern industrial electronics and provide a more professional appearance than traditional rectangular housings. Typical applications include building management, heating and air conditioning controllers, monitoring systems, safety and security electronics and test and measurement devices.

Automotive Hybrid Power Trains

Avago Technologies industrial solutions are used in hybrid vehicle drive train control systems. Avago products cover a number of the elements of motor control systems including current sensing and control of the motor, and communications interfaces that couple the motor control logic to other parts of system.

The 42V Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter with Quiescent Current of Only 2.5µA

The LT8610 from Linear Technology is a compact, high efficiency, high speed synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator that consumes only 2.5µA of quiescent current. Top and bottom power switches are included with all necessary circuitry to minimize the need for external components. Low ripple Burst Mode operation enables high efficiency down to very low output currents while keeping the output ripple below 10mVP-P. The 3.4V to 42V input voltage range of this device makes it ideal for automotive and industrial applications. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

Dual 13A or Single 26A DC/DC µModule Step-Down Regulator Can Deliver up to 100A

The LTM4620 from Linear Technology is a complete dual 13A output switching mode DC/DC power supply that includes in the package the switching controller, power FETs, inductors and all supporting components. Operating from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 16V, the LTM4620 supports two outputs each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to 2.5V, set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers up to 13A continuous current for each output and can deliver up to 100A when four devices are current shared. Only a few input and output capacitors are needed. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Analysis

New to Signal Integrity analysis, or just need to brush up on the fundamentals? If so, this white paper is aimed at you. It starts at the very basic, actually before the fundamentals, answering the question "What do I need to know?" and begins by identifying and analyzing critical nets.


See how Toshiba components can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday life. Download the Smart Living Augmented Reality app, available for both Android and Apple, for an insight into how our products can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of everyday life. Follow our character through his house and find the components that enable smarter living. To begin, download the Toshiba Interactive Product Guide software to your tablet or smart phone.

Register now for the Engineering Design Show

Registration has now opened for the Engineering Design Show, which takes place between 10th and 11th October at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Registering early not only ensures free entry into the Show, it also allows you to select the workshop and conference sessions you would like to attend. Confirmed speakers for this year include Tim Strafford of McLaren Electronic Systems and Richard York, product director at ARM.

Spatial Audio products from Texas Instruments

Convert the small soundstage of sound bars, docking stations, tablets, laptops, and smartphones into a much wider and richer audio experience. The LM48901 quad and LM48903 stereo spatial arrays integrate a spatial processing DSP, Class D amplifiers, 18-bit stereo ADC, PLL, and I2S and I2C interfaces to provide a complete audio solution.


With the industry's lowest active power consumption at 110 uA/MHz and reduced deep sleep current below 2µA, the LPC1100XL has set a new benchmark for low-power ARM® Cortex™-M0 microcontrollers. Never before has a high-performance 32-bit microcontroller been made so simple, so small, and so low power! This new benchmark for low-power complemented with NXP's on-chip power profiles gives engineers even greater design flexibility.

Microcontrollers from A-TEC International

A-TEC supply all types of Microcontrollers from the major and niche manufacturers. Using an instant 'Part Search' and global sourcing, A-TEC can fulfil all your Semiconductor and Active Components needs.

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