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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Medical sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

SCHURTER Introduces Hospital Grade V-Lock Cordsets

V-Lock cordsets protect against unintended disconnection of medical equipment. SCHURTER expands on its standard range of V-Lock power cords to include two types designed to ensure patient safety in critical medical and dental applications. The plug end of the cordset is stamped with a green dot, indicating that it meets the rigors of UL 817 testing. The solid pin construction and extra-safe wiring are visible through the plug's transparent material.

Smallest 14-Bit, 4.5Msps SAR ADC Integrates Precision Reference in 8mm² TSOT-23 Package

The LTC2314-14 is a 14-bit, 4.5Msps, serial sampling A/D converter that draws only 6.2mA from a wide range analogue supply adjustable from 2.7V to 5.25V. It contains an integrated bandgap and reference buffer which provide a low cost, high performance (20ppm/°C max) and space saving applications solution. This device achieves outstanding AC performance of 77dB SINAD and –85dB THD while sampling a 500kHz input frequency. The extremely high sample rate-to-power ratio makes the LTC2314-14 ideal for compact, low power, high speed systems including portable medical devices, communications systems and battery-operated systems. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics Ltd.

Powersolve announces programmable 3300W DC power sources

Powersolve, a leading power supply specialist manufacturer and supplier, announces high-performance bench-top or rack-mount power sources designed for long life at full power. The power supplies will work from practically any mains supply - including three phase - as long as the input voltage is between 180V and 528VAC. All four models in the SM3300 Series feature active power factor correction up to 0.99 at 100% load.

Sample NXP’s interface ICs and cut medical design and approval cycles

Improved diagnostics, treatment and preventive care from healthcare equipment go hand-in-hand with user interface innovation and better device connectivity. However, lengthy healthcare approval processes often constrain designers and limit device innovation. NXP helps system designers add features with minimal modifications, with a great selection of proven LCD and touch interfaces, UARTs and bridges, display and storage interfaces, and I²C-bus system peripherals and enablers.

Less than two weeks to go until the Engineering Design Show!

With less than two weeks to go until the Engineering Design Show opens its doors, time is running out to sign up for the Show's high level conference and workshop programmes. Register now for your chance to attend a dedicated conference on haptics in medical engineering held by Leeds University PhD students. Enter the promo code 'NE2012' to attend for free!

RS Components showcases its successful free online design tools at Embedded World 2012

RS Components is using this year's Embedded World exhibition as a platform to highlight its expansive electronics product offering, and to present its industry-leading free online tools which have been designed to enhance the Find, Design, Buy experience for electronics engineers and purchasing professionals across the globe. Taking centre stage on the RS stand is DesignSpark PCB, the company's award-winning free professional standard PCB design software. Visit us in Hall 1, Stand 156 to find out more.

Collaboration develops artificial pancreas

Pushing the boundaries of current technologies using an automated closed loop software algorithm, Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and a Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) could help many thousands of diabetes patients around the world lead improved lives by providing an artificial pancreas. Leading product design and development company Triteq, is part of the AP@home collaboration a European research project funded by the European Commission and is responsible for developing the system for Clinical Evaluations across six European sites.

MWS series – ‘Green’ power supplies from TDK-Lambda

TDK-Lambda UK has introduced a new series of 'green' power supplies that is ideal for use in environmentally friendly, compact electronic equipment. The 65W 2" x 4" MWS series AC-DC power supply has a very low 1" profile and uses innovative design techniques to combine high efficiency, high power density and low standby power.

18-Bit, 1.6Msps, Serial SAR ADC Achieves 101dB SNR Performance

The LTC2379-18 is a serial 18-bit, 1.6Msps SAR ADC that achieves an unrivaled 101dB SNR and -118dB THD while supporting a fully differential ±5V input range with a maximum INL of ±2LSB with no missing codes and guaranteed specifications over the -40°C to 125°C temperature range. It operates from a 2.5V supply, consumes only 18mW and is available in small 3 x 4mm DFN and MSOP-16 packages - ideal for high performance medical, industrial and automotive applications. In conjunction with Arrow Electronics.

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