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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Interconnect, Passives, Wire & Cable sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

SP99 – the perfect Spring Clamp Terminal Block for DIN Rail devices:

The latest addition from METZ CONNECT to its range of pluggable terminal block solutions designed for Industrial and Building Automation DIN Rail mount devices - SP99. This Spring clamp connector features 2 individual cable entry points per pole accommodating up 2 x 2.5sqmm conductors. Push-in technology for rapid wire installations and maintenance free connections.

GCT launches dedicated custom cable assembly division

GCT recently announced the creation of a dedicated cable assembly division. Targeted at providing volume OEMs with guaranteed quality, value and superior service the range includes overmold, IDC, wire harnesses and cable looms. GCT’s expert cable team stand ready to offer in depth technical support to guide you from concept thru to production.

New flexible PCB-POOL® prototyping service:

Beta LAYOUT has introduced a new PCB-POOL® manufacturing service for flexible PCBs. It is now possible to receive instant quotations and order prototype PCB quantities directly online. Benefits include lower costs (as expensive tooling charges are eliminated) and reduced lead-times. The flexible PCBs are manufactured exclusively in Germany using polyimide material.

The latest “Tiny Trio” connector solutions from LEMO

The latest “Tiny Trio” of LEMO® connector solutions are based around smaller diameter contacts though still achieving high contact ratings due to the continued use of the unique LEMO contact design, with the inbuilt spring ensuring continuous contact even with high vibration. LEMO UK can also offer customers ‘end-to-end’ custom connection solutions, including overmoulded assemblies, utilising products from recently acquired specialist cable manufacturer Northwire Industries.

New IP69K connectors from Binder for harsh environments

New from Binder is the UL-approved connector Series 696 that is designed for outdoor use and is waterproof and dustproof to IP68, IP69k. Known as the HEC (harsh environment connector), the Series 696 withstands high-pressure washing and offers high levels of resistance to UV, temperature fluctuations, acid rain, salt spray, ozone and other pollutants.

BUK 087 - New connectors from Binder are IP67 unmated

The new NCC connector from Binder is designed so that the contacts are protected to IP67 when not connected without requiring a protective cap. Originally designed for medical equipment, the connector is ideal for portable or hand-held equipment and other applications where it is an advantage to make rapid set-up changes.

Hi-Rel just got smaller – new 1.25mm connectors from Harwin

Harwin's low profile Gecko connectors are designed to offer high performance in a miniature package for demanding applications. The 1.25mm pin spacing results in a 35% space saving over other high-performance connectors. Rated to handle 2A per contact and proven in extreme conditions, Gecko connectors operate within a wide temperature range and under extreme vibration.

New ROLEC commandCASE Diecast Aluminium Enclosures

ROLEC has launched commandCASE – a new range of high quality diecast aluminium housings for industrial control applications. They feature attractive and ergonomic wing-shaped handles for easy manoeuvring when the units are mounted on suspension arms. The distinctive handles are fixed to the lid, making it easier to open and close the housing. The lid also features a 1.7 mm recess for the mounting of membrane keypads or the addition of labels.

Space Saving De-coupling Solutions

The provision and placement of de-coupling capacitors has been an issue since the introduction of digital circuits in the 1960's. Winslow Adaptics have two products which can assist in the overcoming of these issues.

Diagram Generation Tools Speed Automotive Electrical Design Processes

This paper details the latest developments in diagram generation techniques, and the benefits, including: automated diagram generation from tabular data for a faster design cycle; elimination of transcription errors common to manual replication processes; improved quality by provision of a wider range of diagrams and diagram-styles for specific downstream tasks; creation of better service documentation to speed maintenance and fault diagnosis.


When the need to test means that you need a socket to accept an unusual package and the test environment must exactly follow the chip manufactures guidelines then help is at hand with custom test adapters and test boards from Winslow Adaptics. If you require a product to suit your prototyping needs then we have the solution for that too with many available off the shelf.

Highly accurate and safely isolated current voltage sensing using Avago isolation amplifiers

Avago Technologies´ optical isolation amplifier families (ACPL-C79x, ACPL-7970 and ACPL-790x) are designed for current and voltage sensing in electronic power converters in applications including motor drives and renewable energy systems. These products provide outstanding accuracy for higher measurement precision, smaller package footprint than traditional current transducers and digital output for direct FPGA/DSP processing.

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