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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the EDA & Design Software sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

P783 Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

Designed to offer a high-performance alternative to linear regulators. The P783 converters meet the EN62368 certification and provide 3A of output current. The P783 converters are available in both open frame and encapsulated versions and offer output short circuit protection. These converters come with up to 97% efficiency and are ideal for applications like industrial control and instrumentation.

MultiSIM BLUE Upgrade

Advanced, integrated circuit simulation tool for FREE download. Powered by NI, MultiSIM BLUE includes schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout, BOM-to-cart capabilities using only one integrated tool.

Implement “5 Survival tips” for successful PCB design - webinars

At the Electronics Design Show, Premier’s Senior Applications Support Engineers shared their depth of experience with "5 Survival tips" for PCB design. Visitors to their booth learned the methodology behind each tip in a packed schedule of presentations and Professional Consultancy sessions. These tips will now "advance" and in a new series of webinars demonstrate how to put each tip into practice using Altium Designer.

Electronics Design Show conference programme announced

The line up for this year's conference programme has been confirmed and is now available to view online. Join us on 21-22 October to hear from industry giants such as ARM, Cambridge Consultants, and EE. There will also be keynotes from representatives from e2v, Cambridge University and Freescale.

“5 Survival tips” for successful PCB design - webinars

Registrations are now open for a webinar series on “5 Survival Tips” for successful PCB design. Senior Applications Support Engineers from Premier EDA Solutions, who provide technical support for Altium Designer, will be sharing some of their design tips. Each webinar will cover a key area of PCB design and offer best practice techniques. Anyone who works in Electronics Design is welcome to register, whether you use Altium Designer or not.

Zynq Development Simplified by Dyplo Software System

Dyplo is a software system for Zynq which distributes tasks to the ARM Cortex-A9 processor system (PS) and the programmable-logic (PL) fabric, linking scalable data streams via standard AXI interfaces between individual FPGA and processor-executed software processes. Isolate software functions for hardware implementation, prototype them in software and then transform them into hardware to accelerate performance while maintaining interface behaviour. Along with a range of compatible Zynq-based kits, Dyplo is available now from Direct Insight.

Four important reasons to look at Altium Designer

Altium Designer's approach and feature set has been specifically developed to create electronics design as easily as possible. There are numerous ways you can deliver your projects accurately, on time and on budget which we’ve distilled into four key highlights...

Finding the right PCB design software - By Andy Ball, Altium

Below is a handy process for finding the right PCB design tool: 1. Identify your own personal needs that you require from a design tool. 2. Find a few samples of tools that match your needs. 3. Analyze the tools you selected based on feature offerings to determine the best fit.

Attend an Altium Demo Day and evaluate Altium Designer 15 for free

Discover why Altium Designer is the PCB design tool of choice for hundreds of leading electronics companies in the UK. At an Altium Demo Day, electronics design professionals get an interactive overview of the software and Altium experts from Premier EDA Solutions are on hand to answer any questions. These events are held around the UK and all attendees receive a set of migration guides and a 30-day licence to evaluate Altium Designer 15.

6SigmaET - Fast and accurate thermal analysis - Free fully supported trial

6SigmaET has released the latest version of its powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use thermal simulation tool – 6SigmaET Release 9. Making expert thermal simulation accessible to electronics designers with no background in thermal design, R9 removes two historical barriers to entry: it allows intelligent models to be built incredibly quickly, and it generates thermal simulation results lighting fast without compromising on accuracy. So, if the idea of complex and unintuitive CFD has always put you off, but you know that thermal simulation will dramatically improve your time to market while driving down your recall rates, now's the time to try it again. Get 6SigmaET free for 30 days.

FREE Migration Guides

Premier EDA Solutions have developed a set of Migration Guides that show how to efficiently import design data from other electronics design systems into Altium Designer. The guides are being supplied free on a USB stick along with 30-day access to the software. The USB is available to order now.

6SigmaET- fast and accurate thermal analysis. Try the next generation thermal simulation tool today

Future Facilities is pleased to announce a significant update to the company's powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use thermal simulation tool. Intended for use by designers of electronic components and products, 6SigmaET Release 9 integrates a new CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver that radically speeds up thermal simulation, as well as introducing a number of enhancements to the tool's functionality and user interface. Try the software free for 30 days.

Optimise Circuit Design Performance with NI Multisim for your Application

Multisim simulation and circuit design software gives engineers the advanced analysis and design capabilities to optimise performance, reduce design errors and shorten time to prototype. Intuitive NI tools result in saved printed circuit board (PCB) iterations and significant cost savings. Explore the various application areas utilising NI Multisim for circuit design. Browse design applications

Take control of your design data and streamline the entire design process

The Altium Component Vault gives everyone involved in the design process controlled access to all relevant component data, to ensure that the right decisions are always being made. Maintaining component data integrity without inhibiting their ability to be innovative and productive has never been easier. The Altium Component Vault helps to achieve your design goals with less effort.

Download FREE eBook: Multiphysics Simulation for Electrical Engineers

In this report from the publishers of IEEE Spectrum and COMSOL, see how electrical engineers are using multiphysics simulation for product design and innovation. Discover the latest developments in the modelling of LEDs, biomedical engineering, power transmission, batteries, imaging systems, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. Please click on link below to download your FREE eBook!

Think you know Altium? Think again!

If you've seen Altium/Protel in the past, you'd be amazed at the latest improvements. As a result of Altium's significant development efforts, the v14 release offers stunningly-good capabilities for the modern PCB design professional. Don't base your opinion on the past, come along to our Demo Day and see the future!

Multisim for Circuit Designers and Researchers

National Instruments Multisim is an advanced, industry standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment enabling engineers to explore, design and prototype circuits. Improve productivity, enhance performance and reduce time to prototype for circuit designs.

See one of the biggest PCB releases from Altium

Altium Designer is the PCB design tool of choice for a large number of the UK's leading electronics companies. They appreciate the software's joined-up approach, powerful features and stunning capabilities giving them the ability to concentrate on design and deliver their world-leading products accurately, on time and on budget. Come to one of our Demo Days and see for yourself!

National Instruments Multisim for Circuit Designers and Researchers

NI Multisim is an advanced, industry standard, best-in-class SPICE simulation environment enabling engineers to explore, design and prototype circuits. Improve productivity, enhance performance and reduce time to prototype for circuit designs. Key benefits include: • Design to Specification with Accurate, Device SPICE Simulation Models • Reduce Prototype Iterations With Advanced Simulation • Optimise Power Electronic Performance with Greater Ease • Accelerate Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Development

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