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Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M Smart Modem and Development Kits Now Available

The new Digi XBee3™ Cellular LTE-M smart modem accelerates time to market for designers, OEMs and solution providers by simplifying the process of integrating LPWA cellular connectivity into IoT devices. Building on industry-leading technology, pre-certified Digi XBee3 modules offer the flexibility to switch between wireless protocols as needed.


EDS is the only event in the UK entirely dedicated to electronics, engineering, and embedded design. EDS returns to the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 17-18 October and is now open for you to secure your free ticket. Take a day out to visit the show, where you can get hands-on with the latest design tools, hear from world-class speakers, meet supply-chain partners and learn new design skills and techniques, all under one roof.

New low profile AC-DC power supply series delivers high performance at low cost

Stadium Stontronics, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency power supply technology, has introduced the low-cost SRS series of medium- to high-power single-output enclosed type AC-DC power supplies, which have been designed with a very high price to performance ratio for industrial automation, control, instrumentation and household appliance applications.

Lower Cost 15.6” Full HD TFT Display

A full HD TFT display, the NL 192108AC18-01D is a lower cost choice than the ultra-high luminance versions. This model has a luminance of 400cd/m² but still has a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a wide colour gamut of 72%.

Connectors and Cable Assemblies for 4K/Ultra-HD Signals

Amphenol RF 12G-SDI BNC & HD-BNC Connectors and Cable Assemblies utilize data transfer rates of up to 12Gb/s to enable the transmission of high-resolution uncompressed video signals. These devices come in miniature and high-density sub-miniature package sizes. These 50O or 75O products are available as PCB connectors with edge-mount, straight, or right-angle configurations, or as cable connectors for industry standard cable.

Compact Low PIM RF Connectors for Mobile Radio Communications

The new Telegärtner 2.2-5 series has turned the successful 4.3-10 concept into a smaller design. Whilst 4.3-10 requires the same space as N connector, 2.2-5 only requires the space of TNC. Despite the clear reduction in size & weight, 2.2-5 possesses comparable electrical & thermo-climatic properties to 4.3-10 and can be used with cables up to ½” corrugated cable both in- & outdoors.

RF Connectors from Adam Tech

Adam Tech offer a wide range of world class connectors and cable assemblies, featuring innovative connector designs and manufacturing capabilities that reduces cost and improves performance in a broad range of applications. Adam Tech provides Radio Frequency Signal Connectors in standard, miniature, subminiature, micro miniature, and surface mount styles.

Jauch Quartz goes Global with Digi-Key Electronics

Jauch Quartz, one of the leading specialists for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and battery technology, is proud to announce that we have entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor.

X-Ware IoT Platform - Industrial Grade Connectivity To Any Cloud, Any Silicon

X-Ware IoT Platform® powered by the industry leading ThreadX® RTOS, delivers turnkey support for all the leading cloud providers. Among this group are Alibaba, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Baidu, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Tencent, and Xively. Designed from the ground up to be industrial grade, and developed entirely in-house by Express Logic engineers, the X-Ware IoT Platform leverages its size, performance, safety, security, ease of use, and other advanced features to provide best-of-class IoT connectivity for deeply embedded IoT sensors, devices, edge routers, and gateways.

Get More from Your Test Assets

As technology evolves, choosing the best way to keep pace depends on the capability of your test assets. Keysight can help with Technology Refresh Services ranging from advisory consulting to equipment trade-ins. Explore the possibilities in our eBook: it describes ways to evaluate trade-offs and manage choices.

A Small SBC that is Big on Performance

RDS are pleased to announce the new ultra small Femto-ITX 1.8” SBC from LEX System. At only 55 x 84mm it offers high processing power for space-limited and thermally constrained embedded applications. The 1I385H is powered by Intel® Bay Trail-I E3825 1.33GHz (Dual core) CPU and has on-board DDR3L memory.

Fuelling a New Era of Automotive and Industrial Innovation

Your safety is our number-one priority, and failure is not an option. Our high-density Semper™ NOR flash memory devices exceed automotive quality and functional safety requirements. Semper ensures that critical systems always have access to complex system codes and algorithms. Rest assured that even if your automotive or industrial systems go down, your data recovery won’t fail on our watch.

Evaluate and Develop with the TPSM84824 Power Module

Texas Instruments TPSM84824EVM-013 Power Module Evaluation Board is configured for easy evaluation of the TPSM84824 power module. The TPSM84824 Power Module offers current up to 8.0A and an input voltage range of 4.5V to 17V in a compact package.

Win Spectral Efficiency with Coherent Techniques

Coherent optical transmission techniques have become the standard in fiber optical backbone networks. They come with new requirements along the whole communication link from the transmitter, through fiber cable and network elements to the receiver to be safe against signal distortions and link impairments. Learn what you need to consider.

500W Lighting Power Supply

SL Power’s LE500 series power supplies are 30% lighter, 30% smaller and last more than twice as long as competing solutions for powering lighting in horticulture, entertainment arenas, and industrial environments. They can also save you money on circuit breakers thanks to a low inrush current.

600W Fanless, Conduction Cooled AC-DC Power Supplies

Artesyn’s LCC series of 600-watt fanless (conduction-cooled) AC-DC power supplies offer an adjustable output voltage that can deliver full output power over a wide temperature range, with an IP65 sealed option, medical approval and digital control and monitoring.

Smarter, leaner, tougher. DARWIN is ready for what’s next.

DARWIN MCUs are built to run any application you can imagine. They’re as smart as they are power efficient, combining the biggest embedded memories in their class with Maxim’s wearable-grade power technology. Now you can design smarter IoT products, without running out of code space or battery life. And with the most advanced cybersecurity ever, you’ll be ready for anything you encounter.


This white paper from Artesyn describes why a growing number of defence, military and aerospace programmes have adopted COTS ATCA® technology as the platform for high performance embedded computing. ATCA platforms are ideally suited for bandwidth-hungry, high-performance applications that cannot allow for downtime such as land- or ship-based control systems and compute farms that combine sensor data or have the need to execute massive calculations.

New MIL 39006/22/25 wet tantalum capacitors

SAMPLING NOW: The two new ranges of Exxelia MIL 39006/22/25 wet tantalum capacitors qualified to M-Level (1.0%/1000h) offer high energy density, high ripple currents and low ESR. The ranges also include a high-vibration ‘H’ version. Samples can be requested now from Charcroft Electronics....

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