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New Electronics' Technology Spotlight section focuses specifically on the latest technological developments within the electronics sector. Whether innovative new design or theoretical concepts, our Technology Spotlight articles will keep you informed of advances within the electronics industry.

Artesyn 650 Watt Open Frame Medical AC-DC Power Supplies

Capable of delivering 650 W with forced-air cooling (750 W peak) or 400 W with natural convection, the CNS650-M series follows the industry standard 4X6 inch form factor. It is available in U-channel, open-frame and enclosed end-fan options. The series incorporates 2XMOPP and is Type BF ready while digital communication offers control and monitoring functions.

New Right-Angle Solder Cup Connectors

Our new solder cup headers expedite the soldering process and reduce overall assembly height by eliminating the need to bend wires or cables for in-line connections, ideal for situations where space is limited, and wires cannot be easily manipulated. These connectors feature solder cups that are uniformly aligned to facilitate efficient soldering, especially useful for terminating cables, and can accept up to 22 AWG stranded wire.


This white paper from Artesyn describes why a growing number of defence, military and aerospace programmes have adopted COTS ATCA® technology as the platform for high performance embedded computing. ATCA platforms are ideally suited for bandwidth-hungry, high-performance applications that cannot allow for downtime such as land- or ship-based control systems and compute farms that combine sensor data or have the need to execute massive calculations.

Gecko Screw-Lok now with Reverse Fixings and Cable Assemblies for Design Flexibility

Gecko Screw-Lok connectors resists extreme shock, vibration & temperature, offering a secure and robust connection in demanding applications. The range of miniature 1.25mm pitch connectors includes Ready-To-Use Cable Assemblies, Metal Backshells for strain relief & RF shielding and now features Reverse Fixings for ultimate design flexibility with the same high-reliability.

Super High Bright 10.4” TFT Display

Available from RDS is the new 10.4” SGD TFT Display. It is composed of a TFT0LCD module, a receiver circuit and a backlight unit. Display Resolution is 1024W x 768V pixels, a 4:3 ratio, with 262K/16.2M colours. Operating temperature range is-20oC to +70oC.

CRSC Selects Artesyn SIL4 COTS Rail Safety Platforms

China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited (CRSC) has developed applications for CBI, TPC and ATP using Artesyn’s ControlSafe™ Platform. All three CRSC applications have obtained SIL4 certification and at least two are in deployment.

2.54mm Pitch Unshrouded Headers with a Breakaway Design

Amphenol FCI (Amphenol ICC) BergStik® 2.54mm pitch unshrouded headers provide board-to-board and mezzanine, header and wire housing, power-to-board, and memory card interconnect solutions for a wide variety of electronic equipment and devices. The breakaway design allows users to cut or break to suit the length of an application profile.

1W/3W Ultralight compact non-isolated AC/DC converter

MORNSUN has launched an ultralight compact size non-isolated AC/DC converter series LSxx-K3BxxSS, which requires minimal peripheral components, features flexible use and can convert AC to DC directly. Its nominal output voltage 5V and 12V are available now.

The new benchmark for 2 - 4 watt applications

congatec's new small form factor modules based on the NXP i.MX 8X processors are targeting the area of ultra-low-power and highly reliable industrial applications. With the extremely power efficient ARM Cortex A35 architecture, the new modules offer excellent processing and graphics performance scaling from 2 to 4 cores.

Two New External Power Supplies for Medical Equipment

SL Power’s two new external power supply families provide critical medical devices that save and sustain patients’ lives with the highest level (Level VI) of efficiency and reliability. Rated at 150 watts and 240 watts respectively, the ME150 and ME240 families are compact desktop-style units with a range of output voltages and connector options.

600W fanless power supply runs operating table

Artesyn’s LCC series of 600-watt fanless (conduction-cooled) AC-DC power supplies have been selected by a maker of surgical operating tables, thanks to the IP65 sealed option, medical approval and digital control and monitoring.

Low-Power, High-Accuracy Digital Temperature Sensors

Texas Instruments TMP1075 I2C Temperature Sensors are available in SOIC-8 and VSSOP-8 packages and offer pin-to-pin and software compatibility to quickly upgrade any existing xx75 design. The TMP1075 provides a 30% improvement in accuracy over standard xx75 temperature sensors and offers an on-chip 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) providing a temperature resolution of 0.0625°C.

3-65W Cost Effective AD/DC Open-frame Converter LO Series

MORNSUN launched high power density cost effective AC/DC open-frame power supplies LO series, which provides powers of 3W, 5W, 15W, 30W, 45W and 65W, and has multiple output voltages as optional. What’s more, its output voltage is up to 48VDC. LO03/05 series adopt SIP package pin-out and are easy to use. LO15/30/45/65 series are open frame power supply in PCB mount and are easy to use and maintain.

Connectivity for all dimensions

Phoenix Contact presents a new product series of robust board-to-board connectors. For the market launch, the Fine Pitch series includes shielded connectors with a pitch of 0.8 mm and unshielded versions with a pitch of 1.27 mm.

Parallel Board-To-Board Connectors

These new sockets and headers are an excellent choice for parallel board-to-board or board-to-component applications where vertical board stacking is not an option, such as in LED lighting systems which often employ daisy-chained PCB’s to minimize overall package height.

New metric cable splitters with IP68 rating

Telegärtner has presented completely reworked cable splitters for up to 48 fibres. The new splitters are extremely robust and now feature a metric thread. IP68 versions are also suitable for outdoor applications in harsh environments.

600W Fanless, Conduction Cooled AC-DC Power Supplies

Artesyn’s LCC series of 600-watt fanless (conduction-cooled) AC-DC power supplies offer an adjustable output voltage that can deliver full output power over a wide temperature range, with an IP65 sealed option, medical approval and digital control and monitoring.

Evaluation Kit for Developing Small and Robust Integrated Protection Systems at Mouser.

Demonstrate different current-limit types and different current-limit thresholds. Maxim MAX17612CEVKIT Evaluation Kit is a platform for evaluating the performance of the MAX17612C, a 4.5V to 60V current-limiter with reverse protection in a 10-pin TDFN-EP package. The MAX17612CEVKIT features a TVS diode across the input and schottky diode across the output terminals and a proven PCB layout.

MORNSUN New Product Line - 35-350W Enclosed Switching Power Supplies

MORNSUN launched a new line of enclosed switching power supplies - LM series, which offers power of 35W, 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 350W. It is ideal for a wide rang of applications including industrial control, industrial automation machinery, intelligent security, smart grid, IoT, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic instruments, intelligent building, and household appliances.

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