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New Electronics' Technology Spotlight section focuses specifically on the latest technological developments within the electronics sector. Whether innovative new design or theoretical concepts, our Technology Spotlight articles will keep you informed of advances within the electronics industry.

Introducing LPC1200, wide range of Flash and SRAM size options with configurable peripherals for Industrial Control

Optimized for smart appliances and white goods in tomorrow's energy-efficient designs, the LPC1200 Industrial Control series features the ARM Cortex-M0 processor with up to 128 KB of flash memory sizes. It also includes analog comparators, ADC, Windowed Watchdog timer, SSP/SPI, I2C with Fast-mode Plus features, general purpose timers, DMA, CRC, a ROM-based divide library and up to 55 GPIOs. The features of LPC1200 enable an innovative future-proof platform for next generation white goods.

Introducing the ZL9101M, the Industry’s First Fully-Encapsulated Digital Power Module

Simplify your design and replace up to 80 external components with one compact "pick and place" module. The ZL9101M's digital architecture supports feature selection and system monitoring via the industry standard PMBus interface. Configuration is as simple as "point and click" with the PowerNavigator™ graphical user interface. "Pick and place" manufacturing with "point and click"configurability... now that's power made simple.

Optimising Vector Control for Brushless Motors

Field Oriented Control, or Vector Control, is preferred in systems using brushless motors. Many microcontrollers offer FOC software as an aid to motor control development, but the new generation MCUs from Toshiba incorporate hardware-based FOC processing to simplify design challenges and achieve higher performance at low operating frequencies.

Bi-directional DC/DC converters

The UDIO high power DC/DC converter delivers systems integrators and engineers a standard power electronics block that can be programmed to perform many tasks. Applications include battery charging, MPPT, motor control, super-capacitor and fuel cell voltage regulation. Devices cover 0-60V, up to 75A in either direction through the device.

Anders Streamlines Migration to Touch and Colour with New Off-the-Shelf TFTs

Anders Electronics has announced the launch of its new Smart Touch Modules, a range of small to medium-sized TFT display platforms, with optional touchscreen functionality. Pre-integrated with all driving electronics and backlight drivers, they are ready to be connected by serial port to the device host processor with almost no integration overhead.

TFT LCD Panels with Advanced Imaging and True Colour

Excellent visibility and natural colour reproduction make Pacer's TFT LCD displays ideal for industrial and consumer applications. We offer a wide range of sizes from 1.7" diagonal, including standard industrial LCD panels and high brightness displays for outdoor use. Options include wide operating temperatures, high brightness and contrast, built-in DC-DC and temperature compensation, white LED backlights and touchscreens.

New at Digi-Key, the Interlink Electronics’ FSR™ 400 Round Force Sensing Resister

Interlink Electronics' FSR™ 400 series is part of the single zone Force Sensing Resistor™ family. Force sensing resistors, or FSRs, are robust polymer thick film (PTF) devices that exhibit a decrease in resistance with increase in force applied to the surface of the sensor. This force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices such as automotive electronics, medical systems, and in industrial and robotics applications.

QualiSystems TestShell automates and accelerates SSDs performance testing

QualiSystems' TestShell framework offers complete automation of SSD Benchmark Testing for performance and regression assurance, solving issues involving considerable cost, time and human resources investments. Covering the entire testing cycle, TestShell provides programming-free test authoring, automatic test execution, advanced lab management, and comprehensive test reporting and analysis capabilities. Visit:

Free new CD about electrical Test and Measurement!

From the most basic to very complex applications, there is one common element - the best possible measurements need to be made. Keithley's complete "Guide to Understanding Electrical Test & Measurement" has been compiled to help you analyze your applications and the various types of instruments that can solve your test and measurement needs.

New catalogue details range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters

The latest Embedded Power AC-DC and DC-DC Products shortform catalogue is designed to provide you with a fast, easy-to-use means of identifying the ideal power source for your application. It lists key performance data for all standard AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters from the Embedded Power business of Emerson Network Power.

Free Keithley Online Seminar Sheds Light on High Brightness LED Testing

Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE: KEI), a world leader in advanced electrical test instruments and systems, will broadcast a free, web-based seminar titled "Overcoming the Electrical Measurement Challenges of High Brightness LEDs" on Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 15:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST). To register for this event, visit

NIDays 2010: Brian Cox to give Keynote – Why We Need Explorers

NIDays is the annual professional development conference and exhibition for engineers and scientists involved in measurement, automation and embedded design. Come along to see Brian Cox and join industry experts to learn about the latest technologies and trends in test, design and control. Hear about software upgrades including NI LabVIEW 2010, emerging hardware platforms and industry applications and learn how NI products can make you more productive.

‘Optically Bonded’ Projective Capacitive Touch Screens deliver enhanced readability to TFT displays.

Today many display products are required to work in extreme conditions where the readability and robustness of the display and associated touch screen are critical. Typical parameters that have to be met are resistance to moisture and dust/dirt ingress, scratch resistance and shock/vibration. Furthermore any reduction in the readability of content on the display is considered unacceptable.

iSMART TFTs – incredible specification, unbelievable price

Noritake Itron has introduced a range of iSMART TFT Modules to enable users to develop their application in a matter of days with limited experience of TFTs or programming. The modules can operate as host or slave with 8 bit CPU hosts where communication traffic needs to be minimized. This achieved using a unique object-oriented programming language.

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