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Wurth Electronics help you handle the pressure!

Sensors are becoming an integral part of the technological eco-system. There is a wide variety of sensors on the marketing, from a simple thermometer or vibration sensor to gravity measurement and CO2 level sensors. At Wurth Electronics, we have introduced many of these different sensors into our Wireless Connectivity & Sensors range.

300 to 3000 Watt Cost-Effective AC-DC Power Supplies

Advanced Energy’s Artesyn LCM series power supplies bring the company’s outstanding quality to a competitive price point. These are single-output, enclosed power supplies for a wide range of applications. The series incorporates medical approvals, 2XMOPP, and digital communication for control and monitoring.

Come and join us at Stand K32, EDS, 19-20 October

OMRON has developed an extensive portfolio of sensors that enable intelligent control of Lighting, Ventilation and Human Detection - Solutions for the Smart Home and Building Automation. LIVE demonstrations will include our latest OMRON D6T-32L Thermal Sensor with people detection algorithm.

The Engineering Design Show

The Engineering Design Show, the UK’s only event entirely dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design, is back in person this October!

First rewireable IEC connector with V-Lock

The IEC connector 4783 from SCHURTER is the first of its kind: for the first time it combines a reconnectable C13 connector with the proven V-Lock cord retention system. Available in black, white and grey for better differentiation - e.g. in 3-phase systems. Ideal for small series builds Reconnectable appliance sockets are particularly suitable for small series builds. With these inlets you are free to choose the cable length and country-specific plugs.

Rugged monitors and panel PCs for harsh environments

Review Display Systems (RDS) are now supporting Elgens rugged monitor and panel PC solutions. Featuring a wide range of sizes, integrated PCap touchscreens and a -40°C to +80°C operating temperature range, RDS can now supply the ideal monitor solution for in-vehicle, marine, aerospace, construction, and industrial applications.

Optical bonding of e-paper displays

Optical bonding enables the connection of touch sensor, cover glass and display into one unit by means of different technologies and processes. Just as with optical bonding of TFT LC displays, this finishing process can also be applied to e-paper displays.

650V Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

Featuring zero forward current low forward voltage drop (VF), low leakage current (IR), and 4A to 20A current rating. These Schottky diodes are available in standard TO-247-3 and TO-252-2 package sizes.

Intelligent solution for Edge networks from RDS and AAEON

Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the availability of the SRG-3352C Compact IoT Gateway System from AAEON. The ARM powered SRG-3352C enables reliable, cost effective gateway operations with expandability and wireless communication support, designed to facilitate edge networks.

Solutions for high EMC requirements

Touch panel products for the European market must comply with European directives and be CE certified. An essential requirement is that these products meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). But which are these? Other electrical devices in the immediate vicinity of a touch panel must not affect the operation of this device. The touch panel must therefore have high immunity to interference. Conversely, the panel must not interfere with other products, so its own emissions must be low.

650V Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

Featuring zero forward current low forward voltage drop (VF), low leakage current (IR), and 4A to 20A current rating. These Schottky diodes are available in standard TO-247-3 and TO-252-2 package sizes.

Artesyn 650 Watt Open Frame Medical AC-DC Power Supplies

Capable of delivering 650 W with forced-air cooling (750 W peak) or 400 W with natural convection, the CNS650-M series follows the industry standard 4X6 inch form factor. It is available in U-channel, open-frame, enclosed and enclosed end-fan options. The series incorporates 2XMOPP and is Type BF ready, while digital communication offers control and monitoring functions.

Power Integrations BridgeSwitch Motor Drivers

Driving single and three-phase brushless DC motors up to 400 W and 98% efficiency without heatsinks, BridgeSwitch ICs integrate two high-voltage N-channel power FREDFETs with low and high-side self-supplied drivers in a small-outline package - eliminating external auxiliary power supplies. The MCU-agnostic devices support sinusoidal, trapezoidal, and sensorless field-oriented control implementations. BridgeSwitch hardware-based system protection enhances safety, reliability and accelerates time-to-market.

Choosing the Right Display for Industrial Applications

Attracted by cost savings and ready availability, companies are increasingly adopting consumer grade products within industrial embedded systems. However, those choosing this route take on additional risk, encountering issues of longevity, reliability, and maintainability that can push up the total cost of ownership. Display specialist Pacer explores the options.

Your Guide to operational amplifiers

Get your very own downloadable reference guide to operational amplifiers from Mouser Electronics. It features all of the equations, diagrams and visual tools necessary for understanding the basics. Learn the essential formulas and characteristics so you can easily select the correct operational amplifier for your application. It can also be printed out as a poster, up to a size of A1!

600W power supply runs immunoassay blood analyser

A manufacturer of in-vitro devices (IVD) has selected the Artesyn LCM600 AC-DC power supply from Advanced Energy for its next generation immunoassay analyser with the aim of making the latest medical advancements more cost-effective for the world’s laboratories.

TA36: Thermal circuit breaker with modern design

Improving a good product - this was the principle behind the development of the SCHURTER TA36 thermal circuit breaker. Based on the TA35, which has been successfully proven for many years, a refreshing product with a contemporary look was developed. There are almost no limits for the TA36 to find its purpose in various applications: from industrial to medical technology.

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