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New Electronics strives to bring you all the latest technology news from the Systems Management sector. Advances in electronics are often fast-paced and innovative, so we know that as a design engineer you want to be kept up-to-date with current developments.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the latest electronics technology news from New Electronics.

Keep in control

System designers are faced with continual pressure to meet their development schedules, and need to implement control functions with minimal effort and risk, while maintaining maximum flexibility. By using a programmable based approach for their designs, designers can accelerate their time to market, address system cost and space reduction and ensure a high level of product differentiation.

Speaking of success: Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is one of the fastest growing catalogue and web based distributors in the world, dedicated to customer focused distribution through the rapid introduction of the newest products and leading edge technologies.

Test gets real

System test complexity is increasing. An obvious statement, perhaps, but the fact is that, as products become more complex and time to market pressures increase, making sure the product does what it says on the label is paramount.

In good shape

UK electronics is in good shape and capitalising on the nation's 'can do' engineering heritage.

Attractive technology

Josef Janisch, senior product marketing manager, austriamicrosystems looks at enhancing the resolution of robust magnetic motion sensors

Testing times?

There is probably no market sector immune from the need to provide more and more features in a product at ever decreasing prices. And embedded test and measurement is following this trend.

The missing link?

The benefits of regular 'standard' boundary scan testing are well known and the technique is most closely associated with structural tests. Less well known is the role which boundary scan can play in functional tests.

Improving engineering management

Engineering is multidisciplinary and can therefore benefit from 'consolidated thinking'. With with the advent of computer aided engineering, the development landscape has evolved into a more homogenous environment.

Express delivery

FedEx is the world’s largest express transportation company, but the range of goods which FedEx ships can expose its planes to danger - therefore designing a fire suppression system required reliable prototyping tools.

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