System Design

Many electronics engineers create board level products, but their boards are integrated into systems at some point. And systems need things like enclosures, power supplies and environmental management.

New Electronics recognises the importance of system design and its impact on the final product. In this section, New Electronics reviews the latest developments in system design and brings visitors to the website information on how these developments are being applied.

Getting on board

Although designed primarily for comms applications, MicroTCA may prove attractive in other markets. By Graham Pitcher.

Unleashing USB

Reference design portfolio aims to speed Certified Wireless USB product development. By Graham Pitcher.

Juggling WIP

Keeping the balls in the air with engineering information management systems. By Dave Wiens.

Viva electronics!

Celebrating the many achievements made by electronics engineers could be key to making electronics seem a more attractive career path to students. By Elaine Essery.

Fancy a ride?

The days of two buses coming along at once could be over, at least in London. By Vanessa Knivett.

Will i2010 flag?

The EU will be the world’s most dynamic and competitive economy by 2010 – if the i2010 programme delivers. By Graham Pitcher.

Fancy an extension?

The constant drive to smaller, faster, cheaper has brought about an explosion in mezzanine standards. By Vanessa Knivett.

Jumping through hoops

Systems engineers are jumping through ever smaller hoops to meet demands for high speed and high density data in tighter timescales. By Vanessa Knivett.

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