Research & Design

All engineers have an immediate need for a product or solution, but it is equally important that they keep an eye on the future to identify new technologies or methodologies which may enable their next designs.

In this section, New Electronics takes a look over the horizon, pointing out to visitors the developments in research and design which will impact the electronics industry in the next few years, as well as the processes which are being developed to manufacture those products.

In good health

Despite the dominance of digital, analogue components are holding their own – notably, within the medical sector. So could analogue technology be giving digital a taste of its own medicine?

Ahead of the pack

Choosing your device packaging during chip creation can help to keep you ahead of the game. By Wes Hansford.

On the map

How Silicon South West is helping start ups to get off on the right foot. By Graham Pitcher.

Packed and stacked

A hunger for higher integration and lower cost continues to drive the development of system in package (SiP) solutions. By Mike Richardson.

Suited and booted

Nowadays it’s rare that the roles of engineer, entrepreneur and salesman can be combined effectively. By Mike Richardson.

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