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RENESAS SYNERGY - A complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation.

To bring complex system designs to market fast, there is only one solution: A comprehensive, integrated platform.

The problem is most solutions aren't truly complete, fully qualified or supported. And they don't necessarily let you bypass tedious infrastructure coding. Fortunately, all that just changed.

The IoT is set to revolutionize the embedded market. To help engineers develop the products that will drive the IoT, Renesas, the global leader in embedded microcontrollers, has created the Renesas Synergy™ Platform, a complete and qualified platform that accelerates embedded development, inspiring innovation and enabling differentiation.

What Can Synergy Do For You?

To be successful in IoT, embedded engineers need to overcome three obstacles:

  1. Time to Market – how long it takes a project to be developed
  2. Cost of Ownership – total expense to develop and maintain a product over a lifetime
  3. Barriers to Entry – obstacles in way of getting started and of immediate productivity

The Renesas Synergy Platform was designed to address each of these problems in unique ways and with one goal in mind – accelerate design and development of IoT and embedded systems by reducing time spent on underlying system software so developers can focus instead on creating truly innovative and differentiated IoT products.

Click on one of the icons below to learn more about how the Renesas Synergy Platform can help you.

Accelerate Your Time
to Market

Accelerate Development: Get to Market Faster

  • Develop Apps Earlier
  • Work Efficiently
  • One Stop for Business

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Reduce Your Total Cost
of Ownership

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Save Smart
  • Minimize Risk
  • Stay on the Cutting Edge

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Lower the Barriers
to Entry

Lower Barriers to Entry

  • Develop With No Upfront Cost
  • Accelerate Development
  • Start & Expand with Kits

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Renesas Synergy Platform Elements

The major components of a connected embedded system platform are:

Traditional Embedded Systems Platform

  • Efficient MCU devices
  • A complete software framework
  • Additional features enabled through add-on software
  • A robust, common software API
  • Intuitive tools
  • A collection of kits that can intuitively aid development
  • Integrated and secure cloud connectivity

All of this adds up to a foundation that allows your development resources to focus on application code.

What if the RTOS, middleware, communication stacks, user interface, and detailed MCU functions could be accessed entirely through the API?

  • Engineering resources could immediately start developing end-product application code.
  • The learning curve for software and MCU device operation below the API would virtually be eliminated.
  • Precious resources could focus on innovation and differentiation in the marketplace.

Renesas Synergy is that platform.

The Renesas Synergy Platform Synergy is Composed of Five Key Elements:

  • Professional Software
  • Scalable Microcontrollers
  • Easy to use Tools & Kits
  • Solutions
  • Cloud Connectivity

With access by a consistent API

Renesas Synergy Platform Elements


Synergy Software

Synergy Software
  • Qualified Synergy Software Package (SSP) for warranted operation
  • Complete package fully integrated and maintained
  • Applications can be written at the package API level
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Synergy Microcontrollers

Synergy Microcontrollers
  • Wide MCU spectrum based on 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M processor family
  • Completely scalable and pin compatible
  • On-chip Flash memory up to 4 MB
  • Safety, security & cryptographic acceleration
  • Ultra-low power
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S1 Series | S3 Series | S5 Series | S7 Series

Synergy Tools & Kits

Synergy Tools & Kits
  • Integrated Solution Development Environment (ISDE) with configuration guidance and context-aware documentation
  • Starter Kits (SK) and Development Kits (DK) enabling immediate access to the entire Synergy Software Package
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Synergy Solutions

Synergy Solutions
  • Product Example (PE) kits: Complete design journeys representative of end-product designs
  • Application Example (AE) kits: Technology building-block examples to expand upon
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Synergy Gallery

Synergy Gallery
  • Web access to Synergy specific software, tools, licensing, plus third party software and services
  • Future growth to deliver a complete, secure, cloud-accessed infrastructure for end-products to use
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Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

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