Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Board mounted dc/dc regulators

Five families of board mounted dc/dc regulators from Ericsson Power Modules conform to the requirements of the Point of Load Alliance (POLA). The devices are said to reduce qualification time, speed time to market and ensure reliable sourcing.

Single, dual and triple output dc/dc converters

Fully shielded single, dual and triple output dc/dc converters for industrial applications are available from Lambda. The PXD, PXE and PXF series of converters are shielded to meet EN55022 Level A radiation emission standards, making them suitable for sensitive devices.

PWM dual synchronous buck controller

A pulse width modulated dual synchronous buck controller and driver ic for point of load buck converters from International Rectifier is said to be ideal for two phase single or dual output synchronous buck converter applications

60W ac/dc switching power

Designed for medical and industrial applications, multiple output versions of XP’s ECM40 and ECM60 families of 60W ac/dc switching power supplies provide outputs ranging from 3.3 to 48V dc

Sacking the plug

Power over Ethernet is fast gaining the reputation that it’s the only way of bringing power and data over one cable to networked devices. By Vanessa Knivett.

The big squeeze

The pressure is on to find more efficient, smaller and more environmentally friendly ways of powering portable devices. By Vanessa Knivett.

Conservation area

By extending your ability to save power in your current implementation, would you delay moving to the next silicon generation if you could? By Vanessa Knivett.

Freshly made

Battery packs deserve more respect, as they move further up the priority list. By Philip Ling.

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