Power electronics is a key element in the world of electronic design and engineering and electronic engineers need to have a thorough understanding of this area if they’re going to create successful products.

In this section, New Electronics keeps designers up to date with the latest developments in the power electronics market – everything from DC/DC converters to IGBTs to battery technology. In fact, New Electronics covers any power product that can go on a PCB.

Understanding DC-coupled and DC-blocked power sensors and how your choice of sensor would impact measurement accuracy

Understanding power meter and sensor key specifications is vital for selecting the right equipment for power measurements. An often overlooked area is the DC or AC coupling characteristic of the power sensor. Choosing the wrong type of sensor can result in measurement inaccuracy and – or even worse, damage to the power sensor. This article compares the DC-coupled sensors to AC-coupled ones (also known as "DC-blocked" sensors). Several application examples are included to illustrate the key differences. The article concludes with choices of both DC-coupled and DC-blocked sensors from Agilent Technologies to suit the user's application requirements.

The next generation of low VCEsat bipolar transistors

Major improvements in saturation resistance and power choice have very much expanded the application horizon of medium-power bipolar transistors in recent years. BISS 4, the latest generation of SMD-packaged medium-power transistors from NXP, is convincing evidence of the capabilities of bipolar transistor technology — to serve switching applications with more power and fewer switching losses, and to create new possibilities of application.

Engineering portable power

Providing mobility in a product can provide additional revenue and open new markets beyond the scope of fixed applications. A good example of this is the portable ultrasound market.

Packing in the power

Creating a high energy battery system is a challenge, but there are a number of reasons why the electric car presents a huge green opportunity.

Economics and ecology in harmony

Brushless direct current motors are often referred to as 'green motors' because of their efficiency and therefore low power consumption. Fitted with the appropriate electronics, they offer considerable power saving potential. However, implementation of the activation electronics requires expert knowledge.

Multicore processing for embedded systems

Dual cores have been around for some time in several application spaces. In order to deliver the kind of performance predicted by Moore in the 1960s this appears today to be the only direction to go. They bring with them significant challenges and problems but also some major advantages and benefits. There are two basic software paradigms in the market today AMP and SMP. In SMP the burden of task allocation lies on the OS but in AMP this allocation is done by the software engineer at the outset of the project. The SH7205 is the latest SuperH device from Renesas containing two SH2A cores and provides a new solution to an old problem by boosting the performance available in the embedded space.

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