Mixed Signal & Analogue

While digital electronics tends to get more than its fair share of coverage, analogue electronics remains the technology that makes things happen. It’s the interface between the real world and the 1s and 0s of the digital domain.

The range of technologies falling into the analogue domain is wide; everything from data conversion to amplification to switches. Like electronics in general, analogue products are getting more complex as device developers look to integrate more functionality. Recognising this, manufacturers have started to develop more capable design tools to support engineers.

Because analogue design is so important, New Electronics covers all aspects of the technology regularly.

Room to move

Pushing back the boundaries of low power design for mixed signal electronics. By Julian Hayes.

An electronics visionary

Founding father of vlsi, pioneer of semiconductor design tools and a passionate advocate of analogue electronics. It can only be Professor Carver Mead, says David Boothroyd.

Around the board in eighty standards

Devices for communications systems rely on a bewildering variety of interface technologies. Designers should let FPAAs take care of the interfacing and interoperability issues. By Ken O’Neill.

Filter tips

Power line communication systems benefit from careful planning and prudent filtering. By Stefan Melly.

Second wave forms

As programmable analogue devices enter a more mature stage in their evolution, they could breath new life into analogue design. By Philip Ling.

Temperature rising

It's the height of summer and attention turns to the thermometer. But what about the people who need to monitor temperature all the time? By Graham Pitcher.

Warp factor ten

First came Ethernet, then fast Ethernet and now Gigabit Ethernet. How fast can data be sent over a twisted pair of unshielded wires? By Philip Ling.

Mixed Emotions

Analysts predict that by the year 2005, more than 70% of new system on a chip (soc) designs will have mixed signal content.

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