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The world of electronic design automation is broad, covering everything from the simplest PCB to the most complex custom device. But without such tools, designers would be unable to create innovative consumer and industrial products.

In this section, New Electronics provides technical insight on the latest PCB design packages, as well as on the design tools essential to the creation of devices such as FPGAs and ASICs.

On the same page

How engineering management software tools help to keep everyone singing from the same song sheet. By Mike Richardson.

An innovation hotbed

Is it hot in here or is it me? How innovation helps system designers radiate less heat and boost efficiency. By Mike Richardson.

Hot predictions

Why today’s system designers prefer software for thermal management predictions instead of a crystal ball! By Mike Richardson.

Breaking barriers

After many years of development, flexible circuits are emerging as a viable alternative to rigid boards. By Louise Joselyn.

Your support network

Board support packages are adapting to cope with Linux, programmable logic and multicore processors. By Graham Pitcher.

Think like a fish

It’s an eyebrow raising pretext to evangelise, but former EDA luminary Joe Costello believes it is key to fishing successfully in the electronics pool.

Law breakers

Electronics researchers continue their fight against the Laws of Physics. By Graham Pitcher.

A silicon pioneer

The last of silicon’s pioneers may have hung up his hat, but he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm. By Paul Dempsey.

Mother knows best

Project-Catena is testament to Cadence’s incubator system’s ability to reach full term. By Paul Dempsey.

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