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The world of electronic design automation is broad, covering everything from the simplest PCB to the most complex custom device. But without such tools, designers would be unable to create innovative consumer and industrial products.

In this section, New Electronics provides technical insight on the latest PCB design packages, as well as on the design tools essential to the creation of devices such as FPGAs and ASICs.

Going for a revamp

Will the improvements made to PCI X include enough headroom to meet the next decade’s server requirements? By Vanessa Knivett.

The hidden gremlins

Ignore signal integrity and timing gremlins hiding in the undergrowth of the high speed pcb design, and they could jump up and bite you in the… field. By Christopher Swaim.

Board to tiers

Despite the apparent lunacy of putting voice into packets, it remains the only practical solution to building the future telephone networks. By Philip Ling.

PCBs get greener

As environmental requirements change, what moves are underway to replace FR4 with ‘greener’ materials? By Eric Russell.

It's your choice

Designing at board level has massive benefits, but can also introduce even more design dilemmas. By Pete Warnes.

It's all in the timing

why have asic engineers embraced timing analysis whilst their board level counterparts have not? Rick Pier of Mentor Graphics explains why board level timing analysis has come of age.

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