Directives & Standards

Almost every product needs to conform to a particular standard. Examples include designing to AEC-Q100 for the automotive industry and to IEC 60601 for medical products. Meanwhile, systems often need to conform to a range of European Directives, such as EMC or RoHS.

In this section, we keep designers up to date with developments in European Directives and in the standards to which products must be designed.

How will the ESCO report be used?

ESCO has taken the job of defining the UK's electronic systems sector seriously. Alongside the due diligence of researching the size and impact of the sector, it has examined manufacturing, skills, innovation and supply chain issues, as well as how the industry should be represented.

IP advice: The protection of computer programs

New Electronics has partnered with leading intellectual property law firm D Young & Co LLP to offer advice and information to help companies understand, use and protect their IP. Specialising in patents, trade marks, designs and related intellectual property rights, D Young & Co works with companies ranging from start-ups to established multi-nationals.

IP advice: What is the Patent Box?

New Electronics has partnered with leading intellectual property law firm D Young & Co LLP to offer advice and information to help companies understand, use and protect their IP.

Product testing passport gives access to all areas

On an increasingly technologically level playing field, brand reputation sets one manufacturer apart from another. A significant part of that reputation comes from a positive user experience, created through safe and reliable products that satisfy the intended use, meet consumer expectation and don't harm anyone.

UK's contract electronics manufacturers seeing strong order books

The impression given by a range of national media is that UK manufacturing, in general, is on the ropes. But when it comes to the electronics sector, nothing could be farther from the truth; certainly in the opinion of Phil Inness, chairman of the Electronic Manufacturing Services Association (EMSA) group within trade association Intellect and managing director of Bedford based manufacturer Axis Electronics.

3d chip packaging set to enable increased integration

Market researchers are predicting it, chip makers are agreeing to it, some oems are doing it, so it must be true. The 3d chip packaging trend is growing and will have a widespread impact. Not only are there distinct performance advantages to adopting some of these emerging technologies, but the option of continuing as we were, will become increasingly difficult.

Directives and standards needed when designing for medical applications

The interest in medical technology is growing at an astonishing pace, probably even faster than the technology itself is being developed. Many medical devices, assisted living products and monitoring devices are making more and more use of radio technology to assist in their operation, particularly in the transport of data.

Legislative developments electronic engineers need to be aware of

The debate around the so called RoHS recast has seen many twists and turns of late. A series of meetings, involving the European Parliament, European Commission and Council of Ministers, took place in an attempt to agree on the key issues and to smooth the way for the revised scope of the RoHS Directive to enter into force at the end of 2012 or early in 2013.

Starting out

SAME offers a good showcase for start ups; particularly those offering eda tools. By Louise Joselyn.

Making your mark: Finding a route through the CE marking maze

In order to meet the demand for low cost electronics, companies are increasingly sourcing products directly from manufacturers outside the EU. By law, whoever is placing an electronic product or component for sale in Europe is responsible for its compliance with the CE marking directives.

Cellular development

In the 25 years since Ernie Wise made the first mobile phone call in the UK, the technology has changed beyond recognition

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