Electronics has always been an important element of the defence sector, enabling communications, intelligence gathering and navigation. But the market differs from many others in its reliability requirements and the need to support products for extended periods. This means companies involved in the sector, as well as those looking to enter the defence supply chain, need to keep up to date.

New Electronics covers developments in the defence sector, bringing technology updates and opinion from the market.

Security in the skies

How multiple independent levels of security software architecture meet the disparate system design requirements of military UAVs.

Testing times

Test system development isn’t as easy as your boss may think. By Bob Dean and Calvin Erickson.

Together we stand

The UK aerospace and defence industry is uniting to strengthen its supply chain. Can SC21 provide the glue?

Feed me!

Power hungry technology continues to make the job of reducing global energy consumption harder than ever. By Mike Richardson.

Sweeping all before them

World War I taught the military that the side with air supremacy held a major advantage over an enemy. It was therefore with unease that the Air Ministry realised, following mock air attacks on Coventry and London in 1935, the UK’s air defences were inadequate to repel a bomber force.

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