Contract Manufacturing

Not so long ago, companies manufactured the products they designed. But times change and most electronics companies will outsource the manufacture of their products.

Economics pushed this manufacture towards the Far East for consumer products and to eastern Europe for industrial products. But the UK retains a vibrant contract manufacturing sector, which is supporting the ‘reshoring’ of manufacturing.

In this section, New Electronics brings visitors updates and opinions from the contract manufacturing market.

Cover story: Hot Chips

Counterfeit components are so widespread that there is every chance you will unknowingly already have some in your home gadgets.

Making sensible outsourcing decisions

Offshore manufacturing has its place and, for some OEMs with the right type of product, significant cost savings can be achieved. However, blindly chasing apparently cheaper manufacturing prices can be fraught with danger.

Quick fit kitting

Distribution is playing an increasing role in component kitting and production ready packaging solutions. By Mike Richardson.

Within REACH

Don’t panic! The latest regulation to reach our industry is designed to protect our health. By Mike Richardson.

The special one

Is the UK still a powerhouse for high levels of electronics design and manufacturing specialisation? By Mike Richardson.

Together we stand

The UK aerospace and defence industry is uniting to strengthen its supply chain. Can SC21 provide the glue?

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