Communications Technology

Connectivity is a key feature of modern embedded products. There’s a wide range of communications modes that can be used, but which is the best for your design? Should you use a wireless technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and, if so, which one should that be? Or would wired communication, such as Ethernet, be the best way forward?

In this section, New Electronics reviews the latest communications technologies and brings visitors to the website information on how these technologies are being applied.

The hard cell

Designing a 3G basestation is hard enough. But what about the pico and femto versions? By Graham Pitcher.

One is enough!

As the first single chip ZigBee solutions emerge, the industry expects great things. By Philip Ling.

Let’s talk

Interoperability in multiformat home networking. By Mario Giani and Marion Derivière.

On the move

Wireless network for packet switched data proves that wireless communication suits data and voice. By Graham Pitcher.

Stay in touch

Why choose capacitive sensing over mechanical forms of switching for touch sensing applications? By Vanessa Knivett.

Bug busting

Networks don’t only need perimeter security, threats can just as easily come from within. By Graham Pitcher.

From Fujitsu came Ethos

Ethos is an Ethernet over SDH/Sonet device designed to provide full rate gigabit Ethernet and E1/DS1 access in metro and access networks. The part is said to enable cost effective and compact customer located equipment.

Hook me up

Implementing USB is getting simpler from a hardware point of view, so what’s happening in the software domain? By Philip Ling.

VoP goes SoC

Technology collaboration set to enable VoP SoCs as fabless company targets 90nm process. By Graham Pitcher.

Serial thriller

The continued transition from bus to switched fabrics is likely to result in a glut of new devices being developed in the near future. The question is, which standard will prevail? By Philip Ling.

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