Communications Technology

Connectivity is a key feature of modern embedded products. There’s a wide range of communications modes that can be used, but which is the best for your design? Should you use a wireless technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and, if so, which one should that be? Or would wired communication, such as Ethernet, be the best way forward?

In this section, New Electronics reviews the latest communications technologies and brings visitors to the website information on how these technologies are being applied.

Unleashing USB

Reference design portfolio aims to speed Certified Wireless USB product development. By Graham Pitcher.

The need to talk

The M2M market is starting to boom, say market researchers. If only people could agree on what M2M is.

Who’s there?

Compact radar sensing device allows the position and movement of people in rooms and buildings to be determined.

Keeping current

Data serialisation is a clear trend. But how can serial interface technology help optimise designs? By Jeff Ju.

Finger on the pulse

As biometric security gets government backing, the technology is finding wider application. By Christos Papakyriacou.

Boosting COTS

Will MicroTCA revolutionise the telecom COTS market? By Claudia Bestler, Irene Hahner and Rudolf Popma.

Diamond ring

Described as a ‘super microscope’, the largest civil science investment for 30 years is about to come online. By Graham Pitcher.

Flexible solutions – SPONSORED TUTORIAL

Increased data traffic, higher resolution displays and better camera functionality create challenges for mobile phone designers looking to implement robust, high performance interfaces between the baseband element of the handset and the peripheral devices.

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