Communications Technology

Connectivity is a key feature of modern embedded products. There’s a wide range of communications modes that can be used, but which is the best for your design? Should you use a wireless technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and, if so, which one should that be? Or would wired communication, such as Ethernet, be the best way forward?

In this section, New Electronics reviews the latest communications technologies and brings visitors to the website information on how these technologies are being applied.

Age of information

How the latest display controller interfaces are enabling users to drive multiple displays from a single pc. By Mike Richardson.

The cutting edge

Competition in the open standards based blade market is heating up with the move to 10Gbit/s. By Roy Rubenstein.

Get the message

As mobile communications technology converges, designers need to be increasingly adept at adaptation. By Mike Richardson.

Thinking out the box

Whatever the application and technology, communications test and measurement providers are boxing clever. By Mike Richardson.

Built to last

New telecoms and networking architectures are evolving fast. But are the ATCA and MicroTCA standards built to last? By Mike Richardson.

Join the revolution!

Like the Industrial Revolution, the information revolution is thriving through easier access to the enabling technologies. By Philip Ling.

A simple approach

Automotive emergency systems are just one of the targets for Wavecom’s platform based technology. By Graham Pitcher.

Every which way

How Linux is helping to enable designers to extend device networking connectivity every which way but loose. By Mike Richardson.

Nice threads!

A different hardware and software approach is boosting network processor efficiency. By Graham Pitcher.

Life in the fast lane

PCIexpress is fast emerging as one of the frontrunners in providing new possibilities to design products. Mike Richardson reports.

Leading edge

The latest rf ics are doing gsm and edge network base station providers a power of good by boosting rf output signal. By Mike Richardson.

Getting on board

Although designed primarily for comms applications, MicroTCA may prove attractive in other markets. By Graham Pitcher.

Automate to innovate

Industrial Ethernet can provide a communications backbone for your organisation – from the shop floor to the top floor. By Mike Richardson.

Making a connection

How Ethernet is filling the need for cheap and efficient transport in connection based network schemes. By Roy Rubenstein.

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