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Wi-fi urgently needs more spectrum

If we have learned anything in the past year, it is the importance of the internet to keep us connected – Internet access is no longer the luxury commodity it was in years gone by, but a necessary component of everyday life.

Throwing a light on Bluetooth

COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic has effectively shifted growth in Bluetooth annual device shipments out by one year, according to a new report from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

The perfect storm

COVID-19 and the on-going global health crisis have brought many challenges to businesses and forced them to adopt new business practices and operations.

Accelerated audio trends

What kind of audio market is set to emerge after the pandemic? Well, according to Geir Skaaden, Chief Products and Services Officer, Xperi, “It's been the kind of shock that seeds innovation and shapes industries."

Analogue programmability

When you look at the success of the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) in capturing a wide range of designs where flexibility counts more than volume price, the attraction to do the same for analogue makes a lot of sense.

Thermal evolution

Two years ago, a team of HP was faced with the challenge of getting more airflow out of a duct used to cool the print-heads of an upcoming inkjet printer.

Communication in Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet standards LAPP industrial cables

As the production lines develop and become increasingly complex, the number of devices (sensors and actuators) that need to be managed also grows. Industrial processes are carried out by PLCs and extensive networks of digital or analogue connections. Most often, these are systems based on electric (copper) or fibre-optic cables. Depending on the age of the infrastructure, these will be FIELDBUS (older) or ETHERNET (newer) systems

A blended strategy

IoT production deployments are underpinned by a carefully orchestrated connectivity layer, but there is an on-going debate about which network types and protocols are better suited for supporting mass sensor deployments.

Smartphones just get smarter

??Today’s smartphones continue to push the envelope in terms of capability and new models are able to deliver not just high-quality photos and 8K videos, but can now support console-quality games and allow users to connect to the internet at multi-gigabit data rates.

AI: how low can you go?

Markets are subject to fads and the embedded-control sector is far from immune to them. In the 1990s, fuzzy logic seemed to be the way forward and microcontroller (MCU) vendors scrambled to put support into their offerings only to see it flame out.

How AI is transforming the NHS

Whether being used to discover links between genetic codes, power surgical robots or maximise hospital efficiency, artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the healthcare industry. By Tom Austin-Morgan.

Automotive displays

?Smartphones, tablets, televisions: touch displays are ubiquitous and are increasingly being used in modern vehicles - whether for buttonless operation of the air conditioning or infotainment system.

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