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Cisc can beat risc

How the latest cisc processor technology is helping to simplify the design of industrial applications. By Roland Gehrmann.

Testing for high speed communications

Mobile ’phones, the internet and e-commerce continue to drive the demand for more and more bandwidth and higher and higher data rates. The bandwidth demand has also created a market for test equipment for the new high speed technology. By Andy Dawes.

PCBs get greener

As environmental requirements change, what moves are underway to replace FR4 with ‘greener’ materials? By Eric Russell.

It's your choice

Designing at board level has massive benefits, but can also introduce even more design dilemmas. By Pete Warnes.

Residents only

An Englishman's home is no longer just his castle; it is rapidly becoming his worplace too. By Philip Ling.

Only skin deep

Past attempts to adapt a general purpose os to the real time needs of the embedded world have never prevailed. Could Linux be different? By Philip Ling.

Warp factor ten

First came Ethernet, then fast Ethernet and now Gigabit Ethernet. How fast can data be sent over a twisted pair of unshielded wires? By Philip Ling.

Forgotten, but not gone

While engineers could be forgiven for automatically choosing flash memory in new designs, the traditional read only memory can still offer a lower cost alternative for the right application. By Philip Ling.

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