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Continuous verification

The recent SolarWinds hacking incident that left many fortune-500 companies and US government networks exposed is a cautionary tale for unchecked software and hardware supply chain security vulnerabilities.

Delivering on climate goals

At COP26 it become obvious that sustainability and climate change were now key drivers in terms of the environment, economy and the wider society.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Typically, when new technologies and advances are reported on smart transport, the predominant focus is on autonomous cars, lorries and last-mile delivery vehicles.

Chilling effects

Earlier this year, Innovate UK decided to award a grant to a consortium of companies and academic groups that is working on ways to make CMOS electronics work at temperatures close to absolute zero.

Early detection

A length-unlimited flexible printed circuit technology is enabling a robust, precise and early oil leak detection system.

You've got the power

By 2030, over 50% of car production will be electric. Jaguar recently announced that, from 2025, it will only sell electric cars while many other big names in the automotive sector are implementing similar strategies.

Running embedded ML at the edge

Inside the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) exists Machine Learning (ML). ML offers many benefits, improving anything from how our smart speakers can understand us to predictive maintenance on the factory floor.

E-mobility challenges

Mobility is undergoing an unprecedented transformation and those developments go hand-in-hand with significant environmental challenges.

An evolution in testing

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) produces globally applicable standards for information and communications technologies and TÜV SÜD currently sits on the ETSI task group.

Embedded…but exposed

In the world of consumer electronics, the internet of things (IoT) provides authorised users with remote access to a wealth of smart appliances.

Protected spaces

Embedded systems developers are looking to container technology to try and couple easier software deployment with a mission-critical core.

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