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Virtual router delivers ultra-high-speed packet processing performance

Fujitsu Laboratories has announced the development of technology to accelerate virtual routers, which play a major role in the functionality of networks in virtual environments.

Server virtualization, which concentrates multiple applications and the infrastructure functionality of network processing in a general-purpose server environment, is spreading beyond datacentre to the field of edge computing, including wireless base stations and Mobile Edge Computing ...

Nokia, Elisa and Qualcomm achieve 5G speed record

Nokia, Elisa and Qualcomm Technologies have announced that they achieved the world’s fastest 5G speeds on a commercial network in Finland by delivering 8 Gbps for the first time serving two 5G mmWave devices connected simultaneously.

Foundry revenues to jump 23.8% in 2020

According to new research from TrendForce, despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic’s on the global economy, several emergent trends, from distance education to 5G smartphone penetration, have resulted in a bullish semiconductor market.

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