Hitex (UK) Ltd

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United Kingdom

Millburn Hill Road
University of Warwick Science Park
West Midlands
T: 024 7669 2066 | F:
E: accounts@hitex.co.uk | W: www.hitex.co.uk

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Hitex (UK) Ltd offers a varied range of products and services including boards, modules, development tools, PCB design, consultancy, complete product design services and industrial automation and networking solutions. Our real-world experienced team will work with you to achieve the maximum performance from your product or application. Whether you are designing a new product, sourcing a new manufacturing route or are improving an existing product to maintain market leadership, we will have the right solution for your needs. From boards, modules and development kits, through to tools, compilers and technical support, you can be sure Hitex (UK) Ltd will deliver both products and a partnership which will enable your project to run smoothly from start to finished product. Additionally, our ISO9001:2008 accreditation will ensure that your end product will not only perform to the highest standards, but will also be delivered promptly and with clarity.

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