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Electronic design engineers, we are assured, are real people too. As such, even within the working environment, there are numerous roles that engineers need to participate in and often be responsible for.

Companies built on their technical expertise will probably have an engineer at the helm, and if the company is still at the SME stage then that engineer may well be responsible for, or interested in, a host of different functions.

This could include sales and marketing, human resources, supply chain management, health and safety, environmental performance, business strategy – the list is endless. However, Design + aims to look at some of these issues – more to introduce them or deal with specific aspects of them rather than attempting to provide a definitive resource.

If there is anything you would like to see covered in Design +, please drop the editor an email.

What is the value of ISO 9001?

One of the ideas behind Design+ is to look outside the immediate world of electronics design to the opinions and strategies in some of the adjacent disciplines. This month, Tim Fryer takes a look at standards, BYOD and 'strategic thinking'.

PXI: the secret is out

Is PXI still the 'best kept secret' when it comes to design validation? As Tim Fryer reports, there is a group of companies determined to make sure it isn't.

Clean up your BOM

Many hands make messy work – at least they can if they are not working in harmony. When many designers are working on the same project, each chopping and changing the components used, the Bill Of Materials (BoM) can become a headache for design and ...

Test trends to IoT

Been wondering about what is hot in the test sector? Look no further. Now in its sixth year, the Automated Test Outlook is National Instruments' examination of trends in the test sector.

Don’t forget your thermals!

Thermal management is one of the key components in successful electronics design, particularly power electronics design, so Tim Fryer turned to Ian Loader, director of Universal Science, for a few pointers

Cool solution

Cooling of electronics is principally done by conduction and convection, the latter sometimes using conditioned air to keep the temperature down. It could be that a project at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), designed to overcome the ...

Test sticks with design in Europe

You could do worse than be a test engineer in Europe these days says Anritsu EMEA's director of marketing Jonathan Borrill, who has watched the decline of electronics manufacturing in Europe whilst retaining belief that there is still a firm footing ...

Securing your supply chain

Supply chain management is critical it you want to get your products to market at the right quality levels on time and on budget – but it is not everyone's cup of tea. Tim Fryer talked to Axis Electronics about outsourcing the whole supply chain.

Degrees rewarded by rover

"These days, the courses they teach at universities are very standard and are very mathematically based – if they can make a mathematical equation out of it, they will." That is the view of Stephen Gould, an electronic technician at the University ...

Video thrilled the design star

Over the last decade or so there have been a number of forces that have changed the format of the average design department – globalisation, outsourcing, and of course the increasing connectivity of everyone and everything concerned, are just three. ...

Healthy and safe?

Health and safety, said Steve Hughes on BBC's Comedy Roadshow, is what we used to call common sense. However, it exists for a reason – nobody wants to go to work and endanger themselves or their colleagues. Equally there can be substantial ...

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