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Mark Downing, vp strategy, Silicon Laboratories

The last year has seen a radical change in many company's fortunes as the effects of the economic downturn found their way to the bottom line. But the impact varied in line with a particular company's portfolio. Those focusing on a small number of technologies may have found the going tougher than a company with a diversified product portfolio.Silicon Laboratories (SiLabs) seems to be amongst the latter category, judging by its recent performance.

Stephen Radley, chief economist, EEF

Chris Shaw speaks with Stephen Radley, chief economist at the EEF – the engineering and manufacturing support organisation. Radley will be hosting a seminar at this year's DSEi in which he will be evaluating the economic crisis and the effect it is having on the defence and manufacturing industry.

Jim Hjartarson, ceo, OneChip Photonics

As consumers demand more bandwidth from their broadband connections, telecom service providers need to upgrade their networks. In this interview with Jim Hjartarson, ceo of OneChip Photonics, Roy Rubenstein explores the challenges facing companies providing optical components to system and service providers.

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