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Chip design’s recycle cycle: Interview with Aart de Geus, chairman and co chief executive, Synopsys

Some 15 years ago, Synopsys bet on the idea that third party intellectual property (IP) would an important element of the integrated circuit business. Interviewed towards the end of the 1990s, Synopsys' cofounder Aart de Geus – now its co ceo – talked about the problems that chip designers faced as the gap between what Moore's Law could deliver and the number of transistors in a circuit they could realistically deploy per day grew larger. In that interview, de Geus said: "I am totally convinced that reuse is necessary to the advancement of silicon."

Moving forward hand in hand: Interview with Andreas Pabinger, vp of operations for EMEA, Wind River

Three years ago, Wind River Systems – developer of the VxWorks real time operating system – was acquired by Intel. The news received a mixed reaction, but the general feeling was 'why?' and 'will it only serve one customer?'. But the company appears to have been unaffected by the move. So how is life under the new ownership? Andreas Pabinger, vp of operations for EMEA, said: "Wind River is still being run as a brand and we continue to work with different semiconductor partners and with clients in different industries."

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