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A more sustainable IoT

ANDtr and Essex University have begun a project that will look at reducing the power needs of IoT deviceS. Neil Tyler talks to Dr Nicola Thorn.

Technology consultancy, AND Technology Research, has started working with computer scientists from the University of Essex looking at new ways of reducing the amount of power Internet of Things (IoT) devices consume. The project is focussing on energy harvesting techniques to produce what will be ‘truly self-powering’ ...

Anglia unveils new division

Anglia Components has launched Anglia Unicorn, a new division of the business that will be dedicated to help technology start-ups get their ideas off the drawing board and commercialised.

A company transformed

Appointed CEO back in 2018 Victor Peng has taken Xilinx through a transformative period, the next stage of which is its acquisition by AMD. Neil Tyler gets an update.

End game

How are IoT technologies keeping vaccines safe, in storage and transit, and in the process bringing the current pandemic to an end? Benjamin Brown, Client Success Manager at Sigfox, talks to New Electronics.

Building resilience

James Woodhead talks to New Electronics about the need to build greater business resilience through supply chain rationalisation.

IoT Everywhere

Mohamed Awad, VP of Arm’s IoT Business, discusses Arm’s vision for its IoT business with Neil Tyler.

Data privacy concerns

Professor Antonio Capone of the Politecnico di Milano University talks to Neil Tyler about smart city data and the issue of privacy.

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Picking innovation winners

Innovate UK has been in the news recently, thanks to the Government’s decision to ...

The capacity for change

Many engineers will associate Murata with the development and sales of capacitors. ...

A digital revolution

The micro:bit Educational Foundation has been launched as a not-for-profit ...