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Speak up for UK electronics design

Following yesterday's comment that UK designers seem reluctant to promote themselves and the industry, I received an email from Darren Lee, operations at Blueprint Product Design.

I read with interest your comments about having UK designers not shouting loud enough about what they're up to. That was exactly the subject of a recent meeting of the "Creative Calderdale" group I am involved in and your comments reminded me to start shouting a little louder!

We're product designers - good ones - based in the north of England and we work with a number of electronics designers and consultancies on a huge range of products many of which I'm sure would make for interesting reading.
I'm no PR man but would like to send you updates on what we're doing from time to time if this would be acceptable - we're the best design firm anyone could ever want but historically don't shout about it.

Are you the best at what you do, but don't like to shout about it?

If so, why not?

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Chris Shaw

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Call me sceptical, but putting 'I'm no PR man' and 'we're the best design firm anyone could ever want' in the same paragraph is a fairly crude attempt at pushing your brand. It's all well and good shouting about what you do but if you really are that good, you will be able to employ someone who can shout about it in the right way.

Posted by: Tony Peters , 12/08/2010
Hi Chris

Just read your daily news alert and thought the comment on promotion is a very salient and topical subject – especially for the UK’s capabilities.

I usually speak with Graham Pitcher and Ed Tranter from NE and I hope they’ll tell you that NMI is a body that is actively working on many of the issues we have in the UK. I’ll not go into all the challenges (there are many) however the “awareness” issue is more significant than might be immediately apparent.

How do we attract the brightest of minds for the future if the industry is invisible?
How do we ensure the business conditions are right if policy makers do not know what we do and how we contribute to the economy?
How do we do business if potential customers (domestic and global) do not know we’re here?
How do we fund necessary research if the opportunity and capability is not acknowledged?
… how do we secure a bright, sustainable future?

My colleagues and I consider these challenges everyday… we look at tangible ways to make a difference. For example…
This year we launched the UK Electronics Skills Foundation with a number of industry, academic and Public sector partners to try and reverse the trend of diminishing (quality) graduates.
We’re also leading a political engagement campaign with the new government
The Future World Symposium is designed to be a long term show case for UK technology (in a globally relevant way)
We operate 9 innovation and excellence networks which vrings industry together on a monthly basis
We’re working with leading academics in several areas of research – from doctoral training centres to basic research.
And a little bit of icing on the cake is NMInet ( – a social networking site for electronics… it is here where we would like to hear more from the design community.

Hopefully you’ve heard about us Chris – if not, you have now and I have made some steps towards greater awareness with you!

Kind regards
John Moor

Posted by: John Moor, 09/08/2010
Just a quick note:
Salesmen sell, designers design. It's not a surprise that designers are not experts in selling themselves.
In most cases is like asking a salesman to design!

Best regards,

Posted by: Neil, 09/08/2010

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