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With more than 25 years’ experience as a trade journalist, Tim has extensive knowledge of the electronics industry and enjoys writing about the latest design and manufacturing trends shaping it. He is also a keen ambassador of British design and innovation.

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Scottish independence: Better together?

There is now only a week before Scotland votes on whether to split away from the rest of the UK, and polls over the weekend indicate the result is in the balance.

It is an emotive issue, which is both good and bad. Good because it shows people care and bad because emotion can cloud judgement. It is therefore slightly unfortunate, although entirely predictable, that the political debate has not risen above the emotive level. This may be appropriate in the UK as a ...

Active engineers

Here we are, half way through the summer holidays (or at the end of them if you are in Scotland) and, apart from those times when we are on holiday ourselves, it is a very productive time of year. No traffic jams getting into work and a tendency for people to leave each other alone to get on with whatever it is that needs to be got on with.

Business is good defence

Britain is very good at making equipment for the world's armies. Numbers vary depending on the source, but if we take the figures used by David Cameron when announcing a new programme to support the UK's defence sector last month, the total global equipment spend is £82billion and the UK's portion of this is £9.8bn.

Be the best you can BEEA

Whether used as a marketing tool, a reward to individuals or a team, or as a boost to overall company morale, industry awards have an important role to play.

Sounds alright

While screens have become brighter, bigger and better, and digital music players have become more capable and compact, the audio aspect of the proposition, which is clearly the most important part when it comes to music, has often been left lagging. The classic example being the first iPods – still in my opinion high on the list of greatest gadgets of all time - being delivered with the iconic white earphones. Iconic but not in the same quality league as the iPod's themselves.

Drones and tones

As promised in my blog earlier in the week, a quick report back from the array of exhibitions that remain underway at the NEC. In fact if you jumped in your car this morning there is still time for an interesting afternoon before the shows close today – but would it be worth it?

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