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Whether it's comment on a recent story, a slightly irreverent look at the latest news or an expression of complete disbelief, New Electronics' editorial team brings you its views on the latest from the electronics industry, putting these developments into context.

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Neil Tyler

EU plans chipmaking 'ecosystem'

The European Commission's plans for a new chipmaking 'ecosystem' to keep the EU competitive and self-sufficient is certainly an interesting move.

It's certainly highlighted the impact of the ongoing global semiconductor shortage which has demonstrated the real risks associated with outsourcing supply to US and Asian-based suppliers.Speaking to the European Parliament, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a policy speech that, "digital is the ...

‘The Future of Mobile Devices’

Molex has released some interesting results from a global survey that asked manufacturing stakeholders to identify the top trends and technologies shaping the future of mobile devices to 2026.

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