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An experienced journalist and editor, Graham is a keen ambassador of the electronics industry and enjoys writing about the latest trends and issues shaping it. His blogs cover the full spectrum of new and emerging technologies, industry standards and regulations, acquisitions and business deals.

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Autonomous vehicle debate set to step up

The debate about autonomous vehicles was fairly heated, even before the unfortunate death of a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, the other night. Now, that debate has stepped up a level.

Those worried about autonomous vehicles have always pointed to the safety aspect, asking just how safe can they be? And that’s the crux of the matter. While the trials undertaken by a range of companies have, in the main, been without incident, there have been accidents. But the Tempe ...

Maplin a victim of a changing world

Many electronics engineers in the UK will be shedding a virtual tear at the news that Maplin Electronics has gone into administration. It’s likely that a significant proportion of them will, at some time in the past, have walked into a Maplin store to buy the various bits and pieces they needed.

Another achievement for EUV

I asked in January, with a degree of uncertainty, whether EUV lithography had finally come of age. I based the question on a number of developments that, together, pointed to EUV making it into mainstream semiconductor production in the next year or so.

NXP, Qualcomm, Broadcom set to run and run

With the left hand, Qualcomm is trying to fend off unwanted advances from Broadcom. With the right hand, it’s trying to complete its planned acquisition of NXP; a transaction which has been dragging on since the offer was first made in October 2016.

Will you get the chips you need this year?

Demand for semiconductors has never been spread evenly across the globe. The Far East, for example, has been a large purchaser because it’s the main manufacturer of consumer electronics. Europe, in contrast, has generally represented around 10% of chip consumption.

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