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Whether it's comment on a recent story, a slightly irreverent look at the latest news or an expression of complete disbelief, New Electronics' editorial team brings you its views on the latest from the electronics industry, putting these developments into context.

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Automation and IoT

Clem Robertson, a tech veteran and founder of R4DAR Technologies, explains how automation can play a key role in healthcare in the wake of Covid-19, so long as the fidelity and integrity of the captured data can be guaranteed.

Prospects for a V-shaped recovery look bleak

Research, by accountants Deloitte, has found that almost two thirds of companies are planning to cut investment spending over the next three years due to Covid-19. It also appears that most are planning for a slow recovery that will not see the economy recover until well into 2021.

Growing costs of cyber attacks laid bare

Last month the Australian government revealed that firms, including steel maker BlueScope, logistics firm Toll Group, and the state government agency Services New South Wales had been victims of state-backed cyber-security attacks.

UK poised to drop Huawei

It appears that the UK is poised to end the use of Huawei technology in its 5G network, with the government set to announce a major policy change.

What lies ahead?

No one could have planned for a social and business experiment on the scale that this pandemic has brought us, but despite the unprecedented situation, the resilience people have demonstrated over the last two months has been staggering

Electromobility and all its challenges (1/6)

In this series of six blogs, Mark Patrick of Mouser Electronics, examines the topic of electric vehicles, the technologies that enable them, the limiting factors affecting development and adoption, and what we can expect in the future.

A touchscreen turnaround

Self-service screens are everywhere and the global market was worth $23billion in 2018. Annual growth was expected to register 9% through to 2025 but, as a result of COVID-19, there are now widespread concerns among consumers about the health risks of touching shared surfaces.

UK businesses eye up international markets

New research commissioned by One World Express, a global logistics, e-commerce and IT solutions provider, has found that a growing number of UK businesses have pivoted their business as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

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