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Another missed opportunity for UK plc?

Is the UK set to lose out when it comes to the fast growing electric vehicle market?

According to a report from industry group Transport and Environment (T&E) while the UK produced roughly half of all electric cars built in Europe in 2018, that figure is set to fall to just 4 per cent by 2030.If these forecasts prove accurate - and doubts have been raised about how those figures have been pulled together- it would mean that the UK, which was among the first ...

Digital transformation momentum to continue

A survey of 750 UK business leaders, conducted by Studio Graphene, has found that the pandemic has affected long-term digital transformation plans with UK businesses set to increase IT spending and hiring in the year ahead.

Is the silicon crunch set to continue?

Speaking at TSMC’s Technology Symposium Dr. C.C. Wei, the company’s CEO, talked about how the digital transformation all around us was opening up a new world of opportunities for the semiconductor industry and spoke of, “unleashing our customers’ innovations.”

Sweet Harmony

Huawei Technologies’ announcement and launch of its Harmony operating system for smartphones is a significant step by the company, that’s looking to recover from the sanctions imposed on it by the US.

Big and bold

A couple of weeks back an emergency funding proposal was brought forward by US Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer that will approve $52 billion in spending to significantly boost US semiconductor chip production and research over five years.

EV charging network gets £300m boost

The news that Ofgem is to fund the installation of 3,550 new ultra-rapid charging points on motorways and in towns has been welcomed as an essential part of the UK’s efforts to shift to cleaner energy.

Construction turning to technology

Swiss giant, ABB, has said that it is looking to tap into a skilled labour shortage in the fast-growing construction sector to help drive the post-pandemic recovery of its robotics business as it looks to diversify away from the automotive industry.

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