24/7 Touchscreen Protection with Kastus® Antimicrobial and Antiviral Technology!

RDS announces a new partnership with Kastus® the award-winning Irish nano-technology company which has developed a globally patented range of ‘Always on’ Antimicrobial and Antiviral surface coatings designed to protect glass and ceramic surfaces. And, it has been independently proven to neutralize up to 99% of human coronavirus and other common viruses as well as 99.99% of SA and e-coli.

Touch screens are used in so many different environments and applications these days from ATMs, self-service in shops and restaurants through to smart phones and mobile devices, and with the Covid-19 pandemic have become a subject of great concern. Constantly cleaning the screens is time-consuming and not always possible but customers and the general public need to be assured that these screens are safe to use.

At RDS our displays and systems solution division have been offering innovative solutions for our customers and now with our partnership with Kastus, we are able to offer touch screen solutions with safety not only built-in to new builds but also for existing screens

How does the Kastus technology stop the bacteria from growing?

The 24/7 touch screen protection technology is built directly into the screen providing antimicrobial defence on coated surfaces for life. Once the coating has been applied to the surface in the factory it is sintered into the top layer of the surface forming an immobilised thin film that is not only permanent and scratch resistant but also extremely durable. The coating uses a photocatalytic process which uses light and ambient moisture to generate a chemical reaction that generates oxygen radicals to eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria. Protection is ‘Always on’.

Existing screens can also have this 24/7 Antimicrobial and Antiviral protection with the Kastus tempered glass screen protector solution. Available in sizes from 4” up to 34” these are easy-to-apply, crystal clear and anti-shatter.

Kastus technology is the ultimate light-powered coating technology. While other technologies need exposure to a UV light source such as a lamp in order to work the Kastus technology works effectively with both indoor and outdoor light.

Here at RDS we look forward to working in partnership with Kastus and building new intelligent touch screens with safety built-in.

To find out more contact us on 01959563345 or go to www.review-displays.co.uk