World's first 300mm thin-wafer automotive power MOSFET

Infineon claims to be the first company worldwide to manufacture automotive power MOSFETs on 300mm thin wafers. The first product range, OptiMOS 5 40V, is available in a S308 package (TSDSON-8) with a footprint of 3.3 x 3.3mm.

Compared to the previous OptiMOS generation, the OptiMOS 5 40V products feature a claimed 40% reduction in RDS(on) and minimise power losses. In addition, they offer a 35% lower Figure of Merit RDS(on) x Q g to further optimise switching behaviour. As a result, the products deliver high power density and energy efficiency for a range of automotive BLDC and H-bridge drive applications, such as power window, door control, sun roof, fuel pumps, and also valve control and fast switching DC/DC converters.

The company's 300mm thin-wafer technology is a key basis for performance improvements of next-generation automotive power MOSFET product families. Thin-wafer technology minimises power losses and enables compact MOSFET designs for high system efficiency and power density. With wafer thinning down to 60┬Ám OptiMOS 5 power semiconductors on 300mm thin-wafer technology are said to be among the world's thinnest.