TDK has introduced two models to the TDK-Lambda i6A series of step-down, non-isolated DC/DC converters. The i6A4W is claimed to be capable of supplying currents of up to 20A, and the i6AN allows the creation of negative voltages delivering currents up to 8A. Applications include medical, communications, industrial, test & measurement, broadcast and portable equipment.

The compact, PCB mount DC/DC converters have the industry standard 1/16th brick footprint and measure 33 x 22.9 x 12.7mm.Efficiencies as high as 97% are claimed to be achieved, allowing operation in ambient temperatures of -40 to 125°C with the appropriate de-rating.The thermal design of the series allows for minimised output de-rating, even in low airflow and high ambient temperature conditions.The product’s optimised dynamic voltage response reduces the need for external capacitors, saving cost and board space.

The i6A4W output is adjustable from 3.3 to 15V and can operate from a 9 to 53V input. This module can also be used as a drop-in replacement for expensive, isolated, 1/16th brick converters driving 12V POL devices from a regulated 48V input.The i6AN is said to generate negative polarity 3.3 to 30V outputs from a positive 9 to 40V input.